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Rattler Publishing Moves Forward

During a late night conference with Ursula Turray of Rattler Publishing she did confirm that Rattler Publishing accepted the anthology work of Zola Simmons for publication. The new upcoming author works will be available in both paperback and ebook. Details are unavailable at this time.   
Congratulations to Zola Simmons on your upcoming works.


The Coming Day of Genocide

In Lieu of celebrating this coming day of tears; Rattler Publishing Global, which includes Rattler Publishing West, and Rattler Publishing International along with Gemini Website Hosting and Design and Shunya Limited will be closed all day on 11/22 in honor of the fallen Native warriors that fought bravely and gallantly  against the white invaders of genocide.
Rattler Publishing has ordered a black wreath  be hung on the doors of all offices connected with Rattler Publishing. The facilities will not  reopen until 11/26 at 9am EST.


Birthday wishes

Today is all smiles and celebrations especially for me.Today the Chief Executive Offer of Rattler Publishing, Vice Present of Gemini and my business partner David Rattler turns 51. For me its an even more special time because it marks recently P passed the 32yr mark of being his business partner and best friend....and as he's always says "It's been a funky ride" and I would add the journey continues. Wishing you the very best. I love you and you know its ride or die.

Rattler Publishing: White people expect us to behave like niggers

Rattler Publishing: White people expect us to behave like niggers : White people expect us to behave like niggers; it is the only role they ...