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The MCR Global Schedule


Exposing Hidden Truths
Tuesdays 3pmEST-4pmEST
and Weds 9pmEST 10pm EST
Hosted by David Rattler
The show focuses on exposing the lies and revealing the truth to people of colour about the lies told to them by whites.

Our Shattered History
Every 2nd and 4th Friday 5pmEST-6pmEST
and 10:45pmEST-11:45pmEST
Hosted by David Rattler
The show focuses on taking a walk back through the history of people of colour still physically and mentally enslaved by whites in the United States


Building Bridges
Saturdays 10amEST-11amEST
Mondays 9pmEST-10pmEST
Hosted by Denyse Reyes
The show focuses on combating the literacy problem of the Caribbean and building bridges across cultural boundaries

Light in the Abyss
Every 2nd and 4th Thursday 4pmEST-5pmEST
and 10pmEST-11pmEST
Hosted by Denyse Reyes
The show focuses on the abuses inflected on both men and women and seeks to reveal the root cause of the oppression.

Previously Broadcast Programs
Sundays starting at 1pmEST until last program has played

MCR-Global (please note MCR-Global cross' the international dateline)

Kaya Bizz
Weekdays from 11am EST-12pmEST
Hosted by Gugulethu
The show focuses on financial business matters

Home with Mapaseka
Weekdays  1pm EST- 2pm EST
Hosted by Mapaseka Mokwele
The show focuses on issues that affect home and family from the listeners point of view.

My Money and Me
Weekdays from 2pm EST- 3pmEST
Hosted by Thuli Magubane
The show focuses on financial news and personal wealth management

The Jazz Hour
Weekdays from 4pmEST to 5pm EST (Except on every 2nd and 4th thurs)
Hosted by Sotho Meyer
Experience the relaxing sounds of the Jazz.

(Saturday's Only)

Saturday night on Kaya
From 6am EST- 10am EST
Hosted by (TBA)
The show focuses on planing for the weekend

Breakfast with Sotho Meyer 
12pm EST-3pm EST
Hosted by Sotho Meyer
The show focuses on the music lifestyle and what joburg has to offer to visitors.

(Sunday's Only)

The Art of Sunday 
from 4pm EST- 8pm EST
Hosted by Brenda Sisane
The show brings families together by playing unfamiliar songs by unfamiliar artist.

A touch of Soul
From 8m EST -12pm EST
Hosted by t-Bose
A journey through the soulful sound of Africa and the world

From 4pmEST- 6pmEST
Hosted by Kaya Sithole & Portia Kobue
The show aims to educate and challenge people of colour to get involved and contribute to finding solutions to issues

The Saturday Meeting

In the Saturday meeting while the MCR schedule and other business of Rattler Publishing and Gemini was discussed David and Nasrene seem to take a different interest in the conversation. Nasrene only ask if the servers were updating and David took even less of an interest in the gridlock that would become the next evolution of either of the companies. It's been a long week meeting deadlines and challenges and it showed on both David and Nesrene. 
During the meeting Ursula with Stephen's laid out the direction of Rattler Publishing in certain markets which will be the focus in the coming week. Tammi expressed concerns of possible security flaws on the AI platform that technicians were also concern with and laid out a plan to secure certain portals on the platform.
William and myself brought to their attention of letting Shunya Limited upcoming musicians use to MCR studio to get a better feel of what its like on the inside. We expect it to be approved since there is no security breeches to Rattler Publishing, MCR or Gemini. David only bowed his head which don't necessarily means he agree. 
I suspect the rest of this weekend the crew will result to resting and relaxing from a grueling week of deadlines and meeting with third party subsidiaries of both corporations. 
William did give a report about the next phase of the website and the incorporation of items of the MCR store being placed on the site. He said it would take a redesign in order to place the items there in plain view, but the cost would be the traditional way which would mean the player would have to reload as the listener surf's the pages, which will cause the player to disconnect from the stream when the page changes. David replied that was the reason we choose the new design, so leave it for now until we can create a new design with an operation that wont disengage the player. But try and place a few items on the site that would lead to the MCR store. 
The meeting ended with more challenges for the upcoming week            


New Policies and the E-Learning Center

This morning in the Saturday Meeting the topic was on the E-Learning Center and the policies surrounding the platform. The general idea behind the Center is to free up calls to the Project Manager that seeks to side step the process. The bar-code on the newly design form will also enact with Gemini cyber security  and be more precise in detecting forms that have been altered.
When the form are completed and pass cyber security, potential program host will then be assigned to the E-Learning Center for courses on how to broadcast on the MCR stream. A sound recording of your commercial is to be sent to the MCR Studio to be placed in the MCR Library for upcoming release. Once the potential host has at the minimum of five episodes in the Library and upcoming launch date will then be placed on the stream.
If the show is to be a live show or a pre-recorded show will be determined by what was indicated on the form. The potential will be allowed to change the matrix only before the courses are complete after the training there can be no changing the matrix.
Potential host must pass the courses with at least 80% or will not be allowed to broadcast on the MCR stream.
For those individuals that have the potential to become Station Managers there will be separate courses on how to run a Station.
The E-Learning Center doesn't replace MCR-Global Support in any way but will hopefully diminish the need to contact support for minor operator errors.
The E-Learning Center is set to launch in mid-August on this year.
Rattler Publishing and Gemini will start writing the policies next month regarding the center and the new stream.
A test of the virtual studio is scheduled to next Wednesday. It is the intent of Rattler Publishing and Gemini to have one live show that covers current events on a weekly and weekend bases. Nasrene Muhammad and Ursula Turray have not came to an agreement on the style and matrix of the program thus far.
Rattler Publishing is also moving into the next evolution of publication and redesigning the way potentials literary authors publish their works through Rattler Publishing.
Gemini is working on a summer special for first time minority subscriber to their services.
David and William will be re-configuring the MCR website, but it is unclear of they will allow the chat option on the site which will enable listeners to post comments about the program while the program is in progress. In my best guess, I believe they will hold off on the chat option because it works better with a live show because no one monitors the room during pre-recorded programs.               


MCR Host Agreement and Scheduler conflicts

This morning both David and Nasrene expressed concern about the host agreement and scheduler. apparently they have been getting forms dated before the creation of MCR and both came to the conclusion those people should be placed on a watch list. We have enemies and we put nothing pass them according to David.
I have a tendency to agree with David on that if you don't know the current year, how can you keep the broadcast schedule? In conclusion there can only be one solution.
David also expressed his concern regarding people with that incomplete matrix, they may be part of a group that would like to use MCR for other purposes than what we intended for it to be used and they need to be watched carefully; we've experienced a person with nefarious plans be it personal and or criminal.We must always safeguard MCR against people with those intentions, and never volunteer yourself to our people; they'll use you up for their own purposes.
That left me speechless to the fact of this reality that both David and Nasrene are fully aware that you can help one no until they want to help themselves first and this shows they are taking steps to guard against people with other intentions than the purpose of MCR.
Hopefully with the upcoming E-Learning Center this will eliminate a lot of hands on communication with people thinking that because they might know the project manager or the Administration of MCR they gives special privileges into broadcasting on the MCR stream.
We're keeping our fingers crossed on the E-Learning Center


The New MCR Virtual Studio

This morning David informed me that he and Ms. Reyes did test out the MCR virtual studio last night. The interface works only for live broadcast and eliminates the need for their party plugin like WinAmp, Butt, and Sam Broadcaster.
In the Saturday meeting Ursula Turray of Rattler Publishing purposed that 30 days past intended launch time is long enough and that all application with past due dates have to be resubmitted before a new launch date can be set.
The motion was approved unanimously.
The MCR website may be changing soon. Nasrene Muhammad suggested MCR utilize some of the tools of the streaming package, the site may contain an upcoming DJ, Now playing, and upcoming shows, but Nasrene would not say if she will seeks Rattler Publishing approval or even if it should go into testing phase.
Stephen Crichton of marketing suggested a promotional hold be placed on upcoming programs until all criteria be meet. This means when potential program host submit applications and schedules for approval. Approval are not granted until all criteria's are meet.
The motion was approved.
William Malisett suggested that sound recordings which are billed to Rattler Publishing and Gemini be on 30day revolving status. Which means if you don't submit a sound check and your launch date is 30 or more days pass due that Rattler Publishing and Gemini should not be billed for approved program without an actual working launch date.
The motion was approved.
Construction of the E-Learning Center continues and will probably last throughout the rest of this month and although the anticipated launch date is somewhere around mid-July; Gemini Technicians wouldn't commit to a actual time matrix of a launch date.


MCR Station Changes

Last night Gemini and Rattler Publishing Tech's launched the new MCR stream. The Stream will allow for the creations of multiple stations. Station Managers will have their own libraries, with access to the station library. The major change is programs. Station Manager and Producers must have complete programs ex. commercial ads and program are to be under the program tag title after the program. This will give you a complete program with ads for your sponsored ads or general commercials.
More about this will be posted in global support and also the E-learning center 


New information regarding MCR & Shynya Limited

Congratulation to the Shunya Limited legal team for making Shunya Limited a subsidiary of Rattler Publishing Global Communication Platform. Great work!!

Early this evening Nasrene Muhammad brought to David's attention potential ongoing server problems with the third party stream. She suggested an alternative stream that will allow MCR to expand it global reach in other ways. All Executives and Governing Board Member  were notified of this issue.
Tha MCR Store is open for business, I understand from William that a link was placed on the website.
Ground works for the MCR E-Learning Center has been laid out. The platform will enable new host to take a course before allowed to broadcast on the MCR stream. This will eliminate side steps on the process of becoming a host, it also gives Rattler Publishing and Gemini more control during an investigative situations where proof would be needed to make critical decisions.
The E-Learning Center is expected to launch in mid-July.

The MCR Global Schedule

MCR US Exposing Hidden Truths Tuesdays 3pmEST-4pmEST and Weds 9pmEST 10pm EST Hosted by David Rattler The show focuses on exposing the...