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2020 on the Rattler Publishing Floor

This Saturday meeting brought MCR too the next evolutionary phase of it's existence. The command staff is tightening the policy of operations. Detail reports are to be submitted to MCR admin every quarter, also the executive oversight policy will be in policy by the first of the MCR year. Several new applications are being developed that should give more flexibility to broadcasting shows both live and recorded.
Sunyata Limited along with the help of Gemini is expanding it's reach into different marketed in the art world, by developing an app that would make it easier for computer challenged individuals to complete the necessary forms required for artist rotations on the MCR stream, and by providing space for display of visual arts on the MCR site.
Gemini also plages continued contributions to the MCR project both financial and security.
Nazrene Muhammad also started Rattler Publishing will be host a new MCR stream."It makes no sense to spend the money work no returns and cost must be reduced"
No more information was given on the subject or how they will change the matrix altogether.
Ursula Turray's plan of subcontracting out certain aspects of MCR was adopted by the executive staff of all investors of the MCR project.


On the Rattler Publishing floor

This morning during the Saturday meeting the topic discussed was rebuilding MCR after the downtime of redesigning. Ursula suggested a different format of submission since it's clear to her host are not understanding the how to submit files to the studio. She went on to say files are to be submitted a certain way or the system will not accept it, but it clear this is not being done and files are all over the place and the studio isn't allowed access.
Nasrene agreed its time consuming to have to search for file and extremely flustrating for studio technician to create go around's just to make run time schedules. And she suggested a secure login designed for each host which should cut down on host trying to hacks the system by placing flies on other folders.
 Having just gotten back from Bar Harbor the night before David was quite and said very little during the meeting but agreed with both Nasrene and Ursula regarding submission flies.
Stephen inquired about the forward motion of the building economic policy and was assured by Ursula it had not caused an overage of the budget and there is no investment other than the community gardens part.
I think everyone is nervous regarding the first annual meeting this year in Montreal. As David and Nasrene both has threatened to cut MCR funding by 59.6%. which would reduce it's operational budget down to the bear minimal. Only stream fees and boarder tax would be permitted from the budget. The progress of MCR hangs in the balance of the Montreal meeting this November.
Starting November 1st all executives must began to submit yearly reports of their projects the latest date for submission is set for November 10th. No reports will be accepted after midnight November 10th 2019.     


It's Good to be back

For everyone that have waited patiently for the return; the wait is over. Melanated Community Radio is back and moving forward toward the next evolution of advance sustainability. Studio A has been expanded to accommodate emerging entertainment technologies and we're excited about the changes and look forward to growing and building on the basic principles of MCR.
There are several changes Station Manager and Executive directors should be made aware of in regards to new how and upcoming programs. A complete update of rules and requirements will be mailed to you in the following days.
The MCR-Studio's are completely integrated into the Gemini automation platform. No longer will files be accepted by studio techs, instead the system will catalog the incoming media and place it in the various program folders assigned to the host. This free's up technician and managers from task that should be completed by the program host.
Applications for Host will no longer be mailed out in the normal way. The system will send, track and receive incoming request. This eliminates altered forms returning to Gemini and Rattler Publishing.
This is just a few things that has been employed by Rattler Publishing, Gemini, and Sunyata Limited.


New Beginnings and Ominous Warnings

A couple of months ago David agreed with Najia Group that Melanated Community Radio should maintain its forward motion on the pathway of advance innovations and technologies and ordered the platform be redesigned which would provide expansion for growth. In the meantime the station would be solely ran by Melanated Community Radio-Caribbean.
The New system came on line Monday night of almost three months of redesign and is going through its week of testing.
New upgrades include, a complete redesign of the MCR-Studio, advance technologies regarding run time matrix, the global community, the e-learning center, complete with classrooms and interactive instructions manuals. and meeting room for staff meetings. It'll take a year to add all the new features to the platform, but Rattler Publishing, Gemini, and Sunyata Limited has a positive out look for the future.
Saturday we discussed the possibilities and probabilities of the MCR Project and although all three companies remain hopeful but with pessimistic undertones in the closing of the meeting David said "Although we have to travel up hill, and although faith in them finding absolute logic is waning; we go forward into the dawn with more options of success by our design."
The room was quite for a long moment as I think everyone felt the underlining chill of his words and knew it could as well come down to that.
David also asked Stephen Crichton to closely watch the numbers as they come in and to advise Ursula of the speed of the forwardness of the new pathway. "I just don't have faith the indoctrinated will find enlightenment of self in our life spand."
Again the room was silent as we all knew what he meant.  There is a lot of issues we as people of colour has to face, overcoming the effect of a history imposed on us by other is to recognize a different reality of who we are, not who they say we are, in other words until people of colour here in the US develop a culture of their own and stop trying to find a culture in their enemies religious ideology they will continue to be the lost people claiming to to something their not; and it not going to matter to ears that can not hear a different truth.
The meeting dismissed with a sad undertone of that reality; but, we must realize that no God in the African or any other Pantheon can save a people that refused to realize who they are and where they come from in the collective not the individual.    


We're Back in operation

We're back to full operations after a long outage. In the past two months we've redesigned the Melanated Community Radio Studio. We've expanded the infrastructure, new recording tracks, advanced mixers, and added better noise chambers. We're excited about this new venture and look forward to working with various artists and upcoming artists.
There has been several inquiries regarding the MCR Project and please be patience as we catch up on the operational matrix of the program.
In other news, last night after a late meeting at the Gemini Building at around 2008EST an inebriated driver ran a red light and struck the back fender well of the Sadan carrying Senior Executive  Nasrene Muhammad and the front fender well of the trail SUV.
Ms. Muhammad was rushed to Eastern Maine Medical. Ms. Thankfully Muhammad only suffered a bruised hip and is in the office this morning.
By Policy David wasn't in the Sadan; as stated he can not ride in the same car as Ms. Muhammad on official business and at the time he and Susan was just leaving the Gemini building when the accident occurred; they arrived at the intersection moments later. Rattler Publishing has launched an investigation into the incident.  


Breaking News An indeffinate Band on Marketing and Promoting on Facebook Social Media Platform

I received a text from Rattler Publishing High Command an instant policy change is in effect. David Rattler CEO of Rattler Publishing Global has issued a standing order of indefinite full stop on marketing MCR material on the facebook platform.
It appears that Rattler Publishing has had suspicions about the social media platform and the intended security threats directored at the MCR Platform for a while now, and tonight David decided to move on the Gemini Intel recommendations to discontinue involvement with the social media platform regarding scheduling programs, promotions, and official MCR-Global and anything else Rattler Publishing deems as a security threat to MCR, Gemini, and the Cultural Music Department. It is unclear if Rattler Publishing will move more aggressively on the cyber-threats that trace back to the social media platforms.
More on this as it develops.


Another Exciting time in the Saturday Meeting

Ursula returned to Bangor and wasted no time laying out future plans for Melanated Community Radio Global. New policies are to be created regarding programming and audio clarity to help define what is expected of hosts, station managers, controllers, and directors.
"It should be clear that we're serious about the journey" Ursula said in her presentation regarding the forward movement of acquiring host for the platform. She also said "we've seen it before, the threats against us by archaic belief systems intended to frighten us into submission it's never worked in the past and will not work in the future and played back a recorded conversation between David and a former station manger saying "and you know I practice VooDoo" and him saying "I don't give a fuck if you practice Nike Shoe. That has absolutely nothing to do with what we're doing." Ursula went on to declare war on all those that impede the progress of MCR by violating policy for personal fame. This is not about individuals but the collective of a people. The offers we make is for building individuals and communities, not a star search for a savior. "We must redefine our matrix, it must be followed at all times, and we must not sway from the course if we are to complete the journey."
Stephen took the floor with the Marketing and response reports. He reported increased sales for Rattler Publishing works (The Season Series) and (Nightmares) but said the numbers fall short with MCR. But added, that's not due to the lack of a market, but due to the lack of participation from hosts, station managers and directors in the program.
David then made a motion to severely cut the program for MCR merchandising by saying "After three years its time to change directions." It appears, like with Ursula, he's wasting no time with the ax on MCR Programs.
William took the floor with MCR Studio reports. "I don't know what the problem is. We're not talking about sound, but submission of files. It's like pulling teeth, and frankly my arms are getting tired. Program files should contain (Program Name, Title name, Episode  number, but they contain none of that. We have one in the box that just says (interview) and Studio Tech have no idea what that is, something's got to change." Then he asked if Ursula and Nasrene could implement some sort of requirement for all flies submitted to the MCR Project.
Nasrene replied "lay out what you need and it'll get done."
When asked for a report of the Cultural Music Department the only thing I could say is "There's always hope things would pick up, but in case they don't I'am prepared to cut dramatically the program and focus on more productive avenues in the art world."
Rattler Publishing and Gemini along with Shunyata Limited are still planning a special three year anniversary event in July in which they inviting the former program host to come an celebrate the three year milestone. Invitations has of not has not been sent. More details on that as they become available.
It seems going into this fourth year there is going to be major changes as Rattler Publishing moves to a more no tolerant atmosphere regarding MCR. It could be an environment that could quickly turn toxic for people that can't seem to understand the true purpose and fast motion of MCR-Global which operates in concert with Rattler Publishing's Lock-Step Matrix. .       

2020 on the Rattler Publishing Floor

This Saturday meeting brought MCR too the next evolutionary phase of it's existence. The command staff is tightening the policy of oper...