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The next Evolution of Shunya Limited and Melanated Community Radio has begun

For a while now I've been working with connecting two great companies started by two legendary composers, and finally there is a break through.
Today at 11:00 AM EST both David Rattler Executive Officer of Shunya Limited and Ricky Dobson CEO of Dobson Production UK agreed to form a company that will collaborate and work together with underground Melanated Artist's both here in the States and the UK as part of a joint venture of cultural preservation. Although, operations is yet to be determined, this puts both companies of the cutting edge of underground distributions and expands the cultural music program of both MCR-US and MCR-Caribbean.
William Malisett Senior Executive Officer of MCR Studio will arrive in London UK tomorrow for a tour of Dobson facilities and to finalize the agreement between MCR Studio and Dobson Production.
The underground is a buzz with excitement at this alliance and we expect nothing but miracles from these two great men like it was in the past.
To find out more about the venture and what this means if your a melanated artist in the underground, contact the MCR Cultural Music Department via email at or leave us a message at (207)536-8732      


A word of Thanks and finally back on track

From all of us here at Shunya, Gemini and Rattler Publishing; would like to thank everyone for the support during our moment of sorrow.
The last two weeks has been hectic, not only at Rattler Publishing and Gemini, and Shunya  and it feels good to be back to normal. The 10 day absence of both Nasrene and David granted me the pleasure of sitting in for David as CEO of Rattler Publishing and Vice President of Gemini and I've gain a new perspective for the power of his positions and the enormous complexities of Lock Step philosophies, policies, and procedures the driving forces that makes the company move forward. But now that both he and Nasrene is back and brought up to speed things should be back to normal soon. Although; I've enjoyed the experience, to be honest; I could never be as good as they are at making it work. Welcome home.    


Our Melanated World Pilot approved 2100EST to 2200EST

This morning Nasrene approved to run time for Our Melanated World Pilot, The program will this Saturday 8/18/2018 at (2100) 9pm EST to (2200) 10pm EST.
It's not clear if this is the program regular schedule run time.
The regular program will be a live broadcast featuring Denyse Reyes( Executive Director MCR-Caribbean) and David Rattler (Program Manager MCR-US.
The major focus of the program is current events with a compare and contrast of the between the lives of melanated people in the US and Trinidad. The Program is the fist that's connects The Caribbean and the US for a single purpose dedicated to the issues of people of colour.


Just blogged on the Rattler Publishing Feed by David Rattler .

Dear younger me:

Do you remember the first time we met? It was at the crossroads. Remember how we stood for what seemed like days pondering the path to take. I remember you telling me, as you pointed to the left and saying this way is crowded and even though there was safety in numbers, everyone looked the same and follows the same patterns. But I remember the unhappy expressions plastered on their phiz, as if they pondered their own individual worth based as they continued to sacrifice. Remember how we were thrown aback at the sight and how it seem like we didn't move for day, maybe even weeks,  watching them day after day, with pretty things, money, hearts filled with dreams they had not dreamed. Remember the words they spoke and it they confused us, it was if they read them from a script, one that purposely made us feel worthless, because we had no pretty things, our things were old and raggedy and sometimes torn.
Remember the day we choose a path with only a lantern in our hands to light the way. Remember how with tears in our eyes we tread through the storms while the others took shelter on back porches casting reflections and telling the stories not their own.
Remember how each day we prayed with tired feet and how our reflection, although; still a shadow took each step we took, with little money, and no pretty things, but our dreams are our dreams and our story, our story. Do you remember? I can.  It seems like only yesterday we stood at the crossroads, and even though we've made many steps since, cried many tears since that day suffered many trying times and heartbreaks. We've seen hope die in the darkest of the night and the coming of the dawn, but no matter the hills and valleys and with only a lantern to light the way we continue.  And I'd like to say how grateful I am to have taken the journey with you.
Thank you   


Our Melanated World (Pilot)

Apparently there was conflict between the programming of the feature pilot program and the MCR Studio programming software. The program was to air yesterday. The conflict was realized yesterday by Ms.Reyes of Najia Group, and an inquiry was sent to Nasrene Muhammad (admin) and William Malisett (MCR-Studio) by David Rattler regarding the conflict. Neither was aware the collision control and avoidance software had malfunctioned.
We apologize for the inconvenience and are rescheduling the program for a later date. 


Our Melanated World Pilot Approved

This morning Nasrene Muhammad approved the new program Our Melanated World that connects the Caribbean and the US for an hour long live show.
The Pilot Program will air at specific times on both sides of the international dateline and you will be ask to judge the program. The Pilot will be an hour long live broadcast and the host will be taking call ins after the program officially launches.
you are encourage to log on to the MCR facebook page and give your opinions. Date and Time of the airing will be announced soon

The next Evolution of Shunya Limited and Melanated Community Radio has begun

For a while now I've been working with connecting two great companies started by two legendary composers, and finally there is a break t...