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Our Melanated World Pilot Approved

This morning Nasrene Muhammad approved the new program Our Melanated World that connects the Caribbean and the US for an hour long live show.
The Pilot Program will air at specific times on both sides of the international dateline and you will be ask to judge the program. The Pilot will be an hour long live broadcast and the host will be taking call ins after the program officially launches.
you are encourage to log on to the MCR facebook page and give your opinions. Date and Time of the airing will be announced soon


The Saturday Meeting on the Rattler Publishing floor

If ever a definition of an uphill battle was described the Saturday morning meeting at Rattler Publishing redefined that meaning. As Stephen Crichton argued point on the building economic empowerment program, he realized quickly it was going to be an uphill battle and that David Rattler (CEO) of Rattler Publishing Global and Tammi Herenichi (President of Gemini Corporation) were prepared for battle.
Although Stephen's argument is a valid argument, he failed to sway the two top executives on key points in making the MCR project apart of the economic empowerment program. His idea would split the MCR matrix and also pull Rattler Publishing and Gemini into financing additional parts of the programs. Stephen argued that making the MCR project part of the economic empowerment program would expand the project globally would complete the agreement between Rattler Publishing and Gemini, and it would give both Rattler Publishing and Gemini greater control over the e-learning center when training new host, station managers, producers and staff to come on the network.
Ursula Turray (President of Rattler Publishing) argued in favor of the expansion, but warned it has more risk if not controlled with a firm hand. She sited past MCR problems with Station Managers and Program Host, and potential hosts, but did add that it is possible.
William Malisett (Executive Officer of Rattler Publishing) was concern about security of logos, emblems and trademarks that could become renegade items if not carefully maintained and conterolled.
Tammi Herenichi's concern was about Gemini's interest which included the rising cost to Gemini and would this new program decrease the level of support Gemini receives from the project concerning website design and hosting specials; she also reminded Stephen that Gemini does reserve the right to pull support at anytime without notice, but would continue to honor the agreement to customers gained through the MCR project.
Nasrene Muhammad (Vice President of Rattler Publishing) remained silent for most of the meeting but did state that it going to be an uphill battle if he gets approval. She didn't believe people of colour (Descendants of Africans) here in the US are at the level needed to develop a by us for only us mind set at this time. But did say it has promise as she referred to how Ms. Reyes is leading the way with MCR-Caribbean and test model of economic empowerment projects. 
David Rattler opposed the change until several questions Stephen failed to provide sufficient answers for are answered. How to gauge the forward motion of each individual stations and how to track global supply chains for each station, and the operational matrix of each person and station.
I think this battle will be raging on the Rattler Publishing floor for almost as long as the MCR project was.
If Stephen is approved for the new program the argument then moves to the Gemini floor where Nasrene then will be CEO and David will be Vice President and the argument would take a new twist in the form of demands.
Stephen has his work cut out for him.       


Now is the Time

For years it seemed our forward motion as a people was stagnated and sometimes even stalled, but is recent times I have seen a resurgence in cultural searches that could only lead to the awakening of the great people, The Children of the Sun" but now is not the time to sign alliances with your natural enemy, but to seek to to to him as they have done to you. Now is not the time to place your fate in the hands of other to determine the our come. If anything, now is the time to realize, the one without eyes haven't a chance to see, nor do they want to see you and the beautiful melanated people that your are. Open your eyes and for the first time see what your ancient ancestors has called the cursed. Isn't it apparent even their God has no love for such a lowly creature, first he placed them in caves, to hide them, he stripped them on melanin separating them forever from his creation. But when they were discovered he gave them only eight generations to exist and for to rest of humanity it was the darkest of the night. 
But now the dawn comes and mark's the end of the plague that has leeched off humanity for centuries. Hold tight to that rising inside you, and watch as he that cursed them destroy them



The Next Evolution of MCR

This morning Nasrene Muhammad confirmed by email that the Gemini developers are working on the Melanated Community Radio app that will be available in the google play station soon and that at this time because of the volatility between David and Apple there is no immediate plans to create an app in the Apple Store.  It is undecided if the app will be a paid app or not at this time.
In other news Rattler Publishing is booting up the Rattler Publishing website, and will feature Melanated dCommunity Radio Caribbean. Ms. Reyes will have admin rights to the site and will custom design the MCR-Caribbean and Reyes Wine & Bakery pages.


The Saturday Meeting and The Days of Coming Sorrows

In the Saturday meeting David submitted his proposal to redesign the building economic for melanated business policy. It appears the his taking Rattler Publishing in to uncharted waters with the policy, Ursula and Tammi is expected to challenge the policy on the grounds its has no consideration of the interest of Rattler Publishing and Gemini and I sure the floor will be a battle ground as David will fight to advance the policy. But I can't help but think that this proposal gives David a more tactical advantage to battle Ursula's proposal already on the floor. The proposal to change certain aspects to Rattler Publishing's Constitution which will affect it bylaws and articles of operations. This will be the first time an executive will come before David and Nasrene as co-owners of Rattler Publishing. The proposal to be consider during the week retreat after the annual meeting. I suspect there will be compromises before because Ursula is fully aware that to battle both David and Nasrene together as co-owners will not be a easy victory, because to come before those two regarding the constitution change is to enter the holy temple of The Royal Lion and The Lioness.

Rattler Publishing, Gemini, and Shunya Limited do not celebrate or recognize Christianity as a viable spirituality pathway to follow and dose not see whites or (ofays) as it is written of the constitution of Rattler Publishing as and established human entity, they are only mentioned as a subspecies or byproduct of a great people.
The offices of Rattler Publishing, Gemini and Shunya and subsidiaries are officially closed fom 7/1 through 7/7 in commemoration of the fallen indigenous warriors that battled and lost their lives defending their home lands and their way of life when whites invaded their world with diseases and terroristic religious ideologies. A black wreath hangs on the doors of those facilities with a banner that reads "we never forgive and we never forget."
The article was the first article written in the Rattler Publishing constitution regarding culture of melanated and indigenous people. On the day David and Nasrene signed it into law both agreed in order to forgive the perpetrators of such a egregious crime that the offender must pay in equality of what they have done; but the punishments of such crimes against humanity must not out weight the offenses on the scale of correction, but punishment must be equal even up to the extermination of the entire species from the whole of the human existence. But it was David that put the final seal on the constitution by saying "We must be a beacon on the darkest of the night for the melanated nations, and we must fight our enemies with unmatched brutality of the left hand as long as the cursed walk among the children of the sun" and the ritual of sealing began.   


Line drawn in the sand

On Saturday David Rattler Chief Executive Officer of Rattler Publishing and Chairman of the Board of The Council of Melanated Nations delivered a speech that clearly states the position of Rattler Publishing and it subsidiaries.

"Now in front of recent events but in lieu of the desired response expected by the perpetrators for such acts we response as follows. Rattler Publishing nor its subsidiaries will not relinquished or turn back from our global quest of building a melanated nation with empowered people of colour only; we will continue our course and never be deterred from our purpose. We do not bow to acts of intimidation conducted by any terrorist regime regardless of the flag they fly or the ideology that gives justification for the terrorist actions laced with the sole intent of the destruction of the original people.
Rattler Publishing stands firm and refuses to change it course. We will continue with unmatched vehemence and determination at building a global melanated community and connecting melanated nations under the by us for only us philosophies. We will use any tactic political or other wise necessary to seek and destroy those who seek to destroy us. We never forgive nor do we forget the act of the past and those that will occur in the future.
Be warned we are not afraid of the shadows that creep the night and any action or aggression toward us and or our intentions, be it political or other wise will be viewed as hostile and will be address as it is written in our constitution and our by laws adopted by the council of Melanated Nations that establishes us as a nation of melanated people, as an act of war."

The speech has been approved and will be broadcast on the MCR network in the coming weeks.


Revisiting The Story Teller's Lair

David and Nasrene recently purposed revisiting The Story Teller's Lair which was a way of promoting melanated underground artist, started by David years ago while living in Memphis TN. After a launch of Melanated Community Radio the idea was advertised, but never to be defeated David and Nasrene is now broadening the scoop and not to one person but in keeping with the agreement between Rattler Publishing and Gemini, The Story Teller's Lair will be open to all melanated people from all cultures. The operations of the Story Teller hasn't been presented at this time but I'm sure will be discussed in the Saturday meeting.
If they keep to the same format as the original layout, the program will be open to melanated people of culture to share stories and fables that relate to specific topics related to their own cultures, but what is not clear is how they are not looking for a specific person to read the the stories, which leads me to believe they will either open it up to ordinary people to read their own stories.   

Our Melanated World Pilot Approved

This morning Nasrene Muhammad approved the new program Our Melanated World that connects the Caribbean and the US for an hour long live show...