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Music Controller and Program Host

on 9/24/17 at 10:00am I accepted Stephen and William's proposal for a music controller. Anujia Hatal will select and program the Global musical feed throughout Rattler Publishing Global feeds. The feeds hosted will be a Jamaican, Dominican, Hawaii, Tampa FL, and New York feed. Those selected station will be allowed to stream through Rattler Publishing servers.
Ms. Hatal will work at the home feed in Bangor.
This new addition does not in any way alleviate MCR Station Manager's task of continuing the cultural music selections. The Station Managers are still responsible for local and underground music composed by local artist. The promotions of local and underground artist keeps the core purpose of MCR unifying and rebuilding our culture; that will not change.
We also welcome a new program host Celestea Deanes who will host Connected Health.
We look forward to new and exciting things from both those talented ladies as we move closer to our goal.

Welcome to the Dawn
David Rattler
Rattler Publishing Global     


MELANATED COMMUNITY RADIO would like to hear from our followers!  We are putting forth a dedicated effort to share information and knowledge with the Diaspora so, your input is important to us.  We care about what effects us as a whole, and encourage our listeners to present us with their concerns, good news, or simple comments about our programming.  We really want to make your experience with us a good one.

Personally, I never considered entering into the world of Broadcasting, so, this is indeed a new adventure that has been full of challenges and setbacks.  What I am realizing is that many of those who push their own causes, resist joining forces with others who say they are on the same page.  This is one of the greatest downfalls that affects us as a group.  We have to begin to work more fluidly and focused more intently on the goal of unification.  OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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