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New Developments of MCR

In the last meeting I have with David and Nasrene I was informed that they are seriously considering closing an external C-Panel which would effect a few email addresses with low traffic. They are also considering a controlled cost efficient merger between Rattler Publishing and Melanated Community Radio sites. But they both assures me that the Melanated Community Radio Studio is on schedule for opening in December of this year. This studio is for submitted programs by Station Manager's and Host. This would alleviate the work load on Station Manager's. In the near future you will be able to upload your programs for editing directly to the studio and sound engineers. David and Nasrene also informed me that as more station and programs are add to the approved run time, Cultural Music will play a vital role in the success of the station.
The new site contains downloadble forms of the Indemnity and Digital agreements for any musician and or composer that wishes to have their music place in rotation on the station. But these form do not pertain to studio's distribution. At this time Rattler Publishing does not allow Studio Distribution on the MCR Network and I can't see it happening in the near future. 


Great News MCR possibility its own feed

I've recently heard there is a possibility that by the end of this year Melanated Community Radio might have it's own feeds on the Rattler Publishing Platform. But you can never tell when it comes to things like that. Rattler Publishing, true to its nature, isn't the company you can accurately predict their movements. Although insiders say it a strong possibility, we just have to wait and see. I do know David and Nasrene are working on something, but what it is only the Gods know, and then you have to wonder even it they know. I'd spoken to Ursula and she said she had no idea what David and Nasrene is up too and reminded me not to try and guess those two. I'll keep you posted as this become available


New Developments at MCR

In recent days since the new site has launched, David and Nasrene has been aggressively moving forward with the next evolution of Melanated Community Radio. New Ads are to appear for the GCP, Gemini, Rattler Publishing, and upcoming programs. The scheduling for Cultural Music has been approved for prime time and between schedule programs. Late night music will consist of the agreement Rattler Publishing has signed with other radio station around the country and world. The Jamaican connection crashed and has to be reprogrammed but I am assured Gemini Tech's are working on it.
I have asked William to lay out a programming matrix for late night music, based on Stephen's numbers of hits on the servers.
David and Nasrene are still unsure if they will devote a space on the station for the Story Teller or let the station Managers decide if that person is to have a space on the station or will the station managers schedule and upload the times.


The Changes are moving forward and they are Amazing

In Saturday's meeting David and Nasrene both experimented with the  idea of a merger between Rattler Publishing and Melanated Community Radio. The Idea seems to be to close the C-Panel that host the Rattler Publishing website and merge it with the MCR site. It seems that David and Nasrene is looking at closing one external C-Panel as well closing and redesigning as an internal servers to accommodate the newly MCR Sound Studio.
Its going to be interesting to see how it all unfolds, this is their boldest move since the creation of Gemini and Rattler Publishing itself.
I believe the consolidation of the two sites might make the MCR site larger, but I imagine easier to control. With the advent of Cultural Music Department and the upcoming Sound Studio I believe David and Nasrene is desperately trying to keep both sites within the construct of the original framework. But Rattler Publishing has a known reputation of creating and letting the Genie out the bottle and racing to catch up. But I think David and Nasrene has learned from past experiences that once the Genie is out, its out.
But I am Excited about these upcoming changes and I look forward to this new setup. We are all excited about the Sound Studio.
I did ask Nasrene about the purpose of the Studio and she replied for MCR Station Manager and Host to send programs that need editing and also it will be for formatting and exporting sound to be made as a avenue stream for Host that conduct programs on the MCR Network.
So in other words Rattler Publishing is preparing to place MCR host program on the market to be distributed.
So in a sense Rattler Publishing is unfolding the action plan of MCR, they are creating Entrepreneur....Amazing     


The New Melanated Community Radio Website is up

Congratulation to William and Nasrene the new site is everything David described in the meeting. The new site does alleviate the burden of station Managers and Program host of sending emails with attachments to potential Program Host and for Indemnifier and Digital Distribution forms  All the forms are now downloadable and refillable and you can submit the form there on the site.
Love it Great Job


Moving forward with MCR

In recent weeks or days for that fact, I have seen MCR stagnate and become almost like a confused animal looking for water and we decided to redesign the operational matrix to make it more efficient and streamline to meet the changes of Rattler Publishing.
We are moving forward with the product, t-shirts, mugs, and jogging paints with both the MCR, Rattler Publishing and Gemini Logos and tag lines. We can't wait any longer we have to be the front runner on this. Also we're decided to alleviate the burden of Station Manager's and Host dealing with new program host. The forms will be available on line and will go directly to MCR-Admin for review. We're also taken steps to include and accommodate the new position of Music Controller, to make it easier for her, we've decided to make the Indemnity and Digital Distribution forms also available on line, to be filled out and sent directly to her office of Cultural Music.
We are also, redesigning the MCR site to better accommodate these changes and are seriously  exploring other avenues that's make it easier for large audio files to be received directly by the upcoming MCR-Studio and Cultural Music.  


Meeting with Nasrene Muhammad and Ursula Turray of Rattler Publishing

Today I meet with Nasrene and Ursula of Rattler Publishing as David was unavailable for the meeting. We discussed the upcoming changes of closing a C-panel on the Rattler Publishing platform. They ensured me the newly formed MCR-Studio would not host re-engineering, which wouldn't effect The Cultural Music section of MCR. They also said they are looking to expand the infrastructure of MCR, now what they mean by that, God only knows. I do know changes are on the horizon as David and Nasrene push for more solid accountability of station matrix, this comes in response of a continued growing interest in the MCR framework.
Now just my theory but the last I spoke to David he did express a consolidation of sites and that might have something to do with them looking to close a C-Panel, and it could be they are closing the panel to redesign to accommodate the new MCR-Studio. I'm not sure if they are going to have this studio in Bangor, where Rattler Publishing is based, or NY, Paris or London where Rattler Music is based. But I do know Nasrene and Ursula did say it would be an asset to MCR matrix with only slight discomfort to Rattler Publishing and Gemini for a limited time. But I can say this whatever those changes are, I look forward to meeting the challenges and helping the program grow. As a side note David is in talks with South African Radio Stations about feeds and relays.


changes on the horizon

In the Saturday morning meeting with the staff of Rattler Publishing. I put a motion on the floor to close a C-Panel in order to conserve server space and this change would effect MCR mailing system. The final decision will be made during the last of November or about the first week in December. And those changes will allow us to consolidate the emailing system into a more streamline system. We contemplating a separation between Graphics and the all new MCR Studio where all audio program files for pre-recorded programs are to be sent for editing and uploading. This address will be directly connected to MCR instead of Rattler Publishing. This change will also effect the Music Controller office as well. Gemini addresses will remain the same       


My scary first night of programming cultural music

I must admit Melanated Community Radio servers operating on the Rattler Publishing network was a little intimidating; so many servers, so many different codes that's not in the book. I knew that Rattler Publishing and Gemini is where creativity and innovation is the cornerstone, but had no idea of the actual complexities involved in their lock-step philosophy of forward motion.  But as nervous as I was about pushing the keys on the computer, I think I did a pretty good job. So now that my hands have stop shaking, my mind has stopped racing, and I've taken a few deep breath, I know I'll get better as time goes on.
Thank again for the opportunity to take this journey with you.


Up dates

I've received a notice that the Indemnity and Digital Promotion Agreement is available and ready to be up loaded. Uploading the new site should take a couple of say as the new site will be somewhat redesigned. 

New Beginnings

I can't begin to tell you how happy I was when I read Station Manager Denyse Reyes' blog. I was smiling all the time she was describing the event and remembering the festivals in Sri Lanka. That's what Melanated Community Radio is about rebuilding our humanity, our spirituality, and making a stand about our lives 
Rattler Publishing is boldly engaging in a more interactive philosophy that involves people. I have spoken to Nasrene and Ursula about a new concept I was thinking about while traveling to NYC, they approve and now it has to get David, William and Stephen's  approval before we can put it in Rattler Publishing Policy.
Like the rest of you I am over joyed to be asked to join them on this amazing and exciting journey. 


Update of Progress

I arrived in New York this morning to began working with Andrea on the Indemnity and Hold Harmless agreementa which she assures me will take only a few days to complete. In the mean time David and Nasrene has ordered the MCR Website be redesigned to be more interactive with my suggestions of alleviating station managers and program host from having to send these agreements to potential participants in the program. The agreements will be available for download from the website. Ursula Turray and Andrew Malone is working together on an operating policy to better enable you to answer questions and concerns regarding these forms.
This idea I believe will enable MCR's Cultural Music section to move forward with greater efficiency. If you have any Idea's or suggestions please don't hesitate to send me an email at

Anujia Hatal
MCR Music Controller   


A note of Thanks

I'd like to thank you all for the warm welcomes I received from Rattler Publishing, Gemini and Station Managers and program host from the Melanated Community Radio Family. 
I am pleased David accepted the proposal offered by his staff to allow me to be the MCR Music Controller. I look forward to working with you all to make Melanated Community Radio something we can be proud of.
I have recently spoken to David and Nasrene both about the conversation I have with Andrea Lazerini and Andrew Malone about the Cultural Music section of MCR. This morning Nasrene called with the results. David and his staff had accepted and approved the proposal and I was to began work on the format immediately. Tonight I'll fly to NY to meet with Andrea and Andrew to began the framework that will hopefully bring Melanated Community Radio more in alignment not only with the philosophy of Rattler Publishing and Gemini, but making it easier for both local and international Composers and Musician to have their music streamed through Melanated Community Radio.
I will be posting the progress on the Global Community Projects board. Please feel free to express your opinions of the progress and add ideas to the project.

Again Thank you for your warm open arm welcomes and I'am profoundly over joyed to be a part of this growing movement and to be on the journey with you all.

Anujia Hatal
MCR Music Controller   

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