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A note of Thanks

I'd like to thank you all for the warm welcomes I received from Rattler Publishing, Gemini and Station Managers and program host from the Melanated Community Radio Family. 
I am pleased David accepted the proposal offered by his staff to allow me to be the MCR Music Controller. I look forward to working with you all to make Melanated Community Radio something we can be proud of.
I have recently spoken to David and Nasrene both about the conversation I have with Andrea Lazerini and Andrew Malone about the Cultural Music section of MCR. This morning Nasrene called with the results. David and his staff had accepted and approved the proposal and I was to began work on the format immediately. Tonight I'll fly to NY to meet with Andrea and Andrew to began the framework that will hopefully bring Melanated Community Radio more in alignment not only with the philosophy of Rattler Publishing and Gemini, but making it easier for both local and international Composers and Musician to have their music streamed through Melanated Community Radio.
I will be posting the progress on the Global Community Projects board. Please feel free to express your opinions of the progress and add ideas to the project.

Again Thank you for your warm open arm welcomes and I'am profoundly over joyed to be a part of this growing movement and to be on the journey with you all.

Anujia Hatal
MCR Music Controller   


  1. Anujia I remember the night we met and you told me my music didn't belong in stadiums where they try to make money and music have the same means and end. You told me my music belonged in small interment settings like small smokey jazz cafe's. You said that were it was born at a time when the world thought it was a disgrace to come through the back door. You said that's where it will spend it's infancy, and go through it's adolescence. Now that my music is mature and endowed with the wisdom of the journey, I can say you were right. It does belong there in a small cafe where the piano, a small brass ensemble, the drums, the bass and a guitar accompanies the voice of a singer who sings with conviction. Where the the composer invites the listener, not to scream and shout, but to take a journey.
    So why wouldn't when our name came across my path, I wouldn't invite you to take the journey with me.
    Thank you

  2. This made me realize how important long standing trustworthy friendship is because it's an honour to have a friendship like this and as I take this journey with you all it will be a privilege to foster such a beautiful well meaning dedicated TRUSTWORTHY friendship


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