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Meeting with Nasrene Muhammad and Ursula Turray of Rattler Publishing

Today I meet with Nasrene and Ursula of Rattler Publishing as David was unavailable for the meeting. We discussed the upcoming changes of closing a C-panel on the Rattler Publishing platform. They ensured me the newly formed MCR-Studio would not host re-engineering, which wouldn't effect The Cultural Music section of MCR. They also said they are looking to expand the infrastructure of MCR, now what they mean by that, God only knows. I do know changes are on the horizon as David and Nasrene push for more solid accountability of station matrix, this comes in response of a continued growing interest in the MCR framework.
Now just my theory but the last I spoke to David he did express a consolidation of sites and that might have something to do with them looking to close a C-Panel, and it could be they are closing the panel to redesign to accommodate the new MCR-Studio. I'm not sure if they are going to have this studio in Bangor, where Rattler Publishing is based, or NY, Paris or London where Rattler Music is based. But I do know Nasrene and Ursula did say it would be an asset to MCR matrix with only slight discomfort to Rattler Publishing and Gemini for a limited time. But I can say this whatever those changes are, I look forward to meeting the challenges and helping the program grow. As a side note David is in talks with South African Radio Stations about feeds and relays.

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