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Moving forward with MCR

In recent weeks or days for that fact, I have seen MCR stagnate and become almost like a confused animal looking for water and we decided to redesign the operational matrix to make it more efficient and streamline to meet the changes of Rattler Publishing.
We are moving forward with the product, t-shirts, mugs, and jogging paints with both the MCR, Rattler Publishing and Gemini Logos and tag lines. We can't wait any longer we have to be the front runner on this. Also we're decided to alleviate the burden of Station Manager's and Host dealing with new program host. The forms will be available on line and will go directly to MCR-Admin for review. We're also taken steps to include and accommodate the new position of Music Controller, to make it easier for her, we've decided to make the Indemnity and Digital Distribution forms also available on line, to be filled out and sent directly to her office of Cultural Music.
We are also, redesigning the MCR site to better accommodate these changes and are seriously  exploring other avenues that's make it easier for large audio files to be received directly by the upcoming MCR-Studio and Cultural Music.  

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