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New Developments at MCR

In recent days since the new site has launched, David and Nasrene has been aggressively moving forward with the next evolution of Melanated Community Radio. New Ads are to appear for the GCP, Gemini, Rattler Publishing, and upcoming programs. The scheduling for Cultural Music has been approved for prime time and between schedule programs. Late night music will consist of the agreement Rattler Publishing has signed with other radio station around the country and world. The Jamaican connection crashed and has to be reprogrammed but I am assured Gemini Tech's are working on it.
I have asked William to lay out a programming matrix for late night music, based on Stephen's numbers of hits on the servers.
David and Nasrene are still unsure if they will devote a space on the station for the Story Teller or let the station Managers decide if that person is to have a space on the station or will the station managers schedule and upload the times.

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