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The Changes are moving forward and they are Amazing

In Saturday's meeting David and Nasrene both experimented with the  idea of a merger between Rattler Publishing and Melanated Community Radio. The Idea seems to be to close the C-Panel that host the Rattler Publishing website and merge it with the MCR site. It seems that David and Nasrene is looking at closing one external C-Panel as well closing and redesigning as an internal servers to accommodate the newly MCR Sound Studio.
Its going to be interesting to see how it all unfolds, this is their boldest move since the creation of Gemini and Rattler Publishing itself.
I believe the consolidation of the two sites might make the MCR site larger, but I imagine easier to control. With the advent of Cultural Music Department and the upcoming Sound Studio I believe David and Nasrene is desperately trying to keep both sites within the construct of the original framework. But Rattler Publishing has a known reputation of creating and letting the Genie out the bottle and racing to catch up. But I think David and Nasrene has learned from past experiences that once the Genie is out, its out.
But I am Excited about these upcoming changes and I look forward to this new setup. We are all excited about the Sound Studio.
I did ask Nasrene about the purpose of the Studio and she replied for MCR Station Manager and Host to send programs that need editing and also it will be for formatting and exporting sound to be made as a avenue stream for Host that conduct programs on the MCR Network.
So in other words Rattler Publishing is preparing to place MCR host program on the market to be distributed.
So in a sense Rattler Publishing is unfolding the action plan of MCR, they are creating Entrepreneur....Amazing     

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