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Update of Progress

I arrived in New York this morning to began working with Andrea on the Indemnity and Hold Harmless agreementa which she assures me will take only a few days to complete. In the mean time David and Nasrene has ordered the MCR Website be redesigned to be more interactive with my suggestions of alleviating station managers and program host from having to send these agreements to potential participants in the program. The agreements will be available for download from the website. Ursula Turray and Andrew Malone is working together on an operating policy to better enable you to answer questions and concerns regarding these forms.
This idea I believe will enable MCR's Cultural Music section to move forward with greater efficiency. If you have any Idea's or suggestions please don't hesitate to send me an email at

Anujia Hatal
MCR Music Controller   

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  1. Anujia I know you and Andrea will do a great job. Say hello to Andrew for me while you're there


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