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Rattler Publishing Website

The Rattler Publishing Website will be down on Dec 3rd for transfer to the new c-panel. Nasrene and the Gemini Tech's say it will effect the emailing system and all emails should be directed to until further notice


As David always says, "It's always darkest before the dawn", I can attest to that as my life has been spiraling out of control ever since I decided to get out of a bad marriage and stand my ground, men who lose control become erratic and you never know what they will do and had it not been for MCR I would have given up but the strength I got after being put under enormous pressure when the station was launched only served as a catalyst for my steadfastness and STRENGTH so again I say thank you David Rattler, Nasrene Muhammad and the rest of the crew for giving me an opportunity of a lifetime, I will continue to try my best to make this a success...LOVE YOU ALL


In the Saturday Meeting

Via Rattler Publishing Network David and Nasrene join the meting from Canada. They laid out the plan for the request a program feature on the Melanated Community Radio website. Both expressed concerns about copyright infringement and market invasion due to the fact Rattler Publishing, Gemini nor MCR owns the programs. The program are designed to give each host and or station manager the opportunity to build there own financial avenue by copyrighting and placing on the market for sale the programs. The concern is if listeners can come to the site and hear the programs, that would greatly reduce possible sales of the programs, and would be a violation of the agreement Rattler Publishing made with the host and or station managers. The decision was made the functionality of the widget is to be suspended until further notice from Rattler Publishing Entertainment Attorney's.
David and Nasrene did unveil the next evolution of Rattler Publishing, Melanated Community Radio, and Gemini. Rattler Publishing and Gemini will finance the start up of two editing studios one in Bangor Maine and another in London UK. The Bangor Studio will be operated by William Malisett and the UK Studio will be operated by Ricky Dobson. The UK studio will handle limited amounts of MCR programs, but will be focal  point for RMG.
Melanated Community Radio is still actively seeking to expand its reach with the cultural music, Our Shattered History and The Story Teller's Lair programs. Both David and Nasrene agree those program and a necessity, not only for the forward motion of MCR, but in fact is the foundation of our culture. Both David and Nasrene will return to the States this Friday and if I dare to guess, David will take his place in the Saturday meeting for what he calls a good nap....LOL
I think he selected me for the official spoken woman for MCR, he just haven't brought it to my attention yet.           

I think the site is amazing.


The Rites of passage through the valley of death

Just before dawn David and Nasrene follow by the rest of us braved the cold to preform the ceremonial rite of pouring out libation in honor of the dead murdered by whites. Inside, while burning sage cleansing the environment of what David called their stench, outside we call the names of the dead as ask permission to proceed in the following year with specific plans. After the ceremony David said "For their living shall not ask forgiveness of us for the crimes their dead committed against us, they must enter the house of the dead and ask redemption of the dead" before returning back inside.
The 50yr old community activist/ artist and his Gemini will refuse both food and drink for the entire day in honor of the great fallen warriors of both sides of their linages.     


Last nights meeting and a talk with Nasrene

Last night Nasrene Muhammad, David Rattler and Tammi Herichini of Gemini Website Design and Hosting met to discuss the upcoming changes to the C-Panel. It was decided they would close and external panel to realigned both local and global servers with The Gemini Matrix. David also announced a redesigning of their lock step philosophy and reexamination of the Symbology of The Lair.
On Dec 3rd the Rattler Publishing website will be down for maintenance as designers and technicians realign servers protocol and signals. This will cause minor interruptions to The Rattler Publishing emailing system but according to Nasrene the disruption is expected to minimal at best. She advises all email send to Rattler Publishing should be forward to until the realignment is complete; which is expected to take no more than a few days.
For the remainder of the week executives of both companies will meet is secrecy and discuss the upcoming plans.
It has been rumored of the concerns of the hierarchy of the foundation of Rattler Publishing. In it's creation it is written the co-owners shall be one melanated male and one melanated female and that both masculine and feminine energies must flow from the top down. And I suspect they will consider rewriting one of more of the articles and by-laws of the corporation to accommodate their constitution of forward motion.
To be honest I didn't know the complexities of Rattler Publishing and Gemini. One has to stand in awe of the existence of such an entity. The Symbology of The Lair, the Lock Step Philosophy, all indicates a passion to exceed and redesign the concepts of excellence itself.
Even the Rattler Publishing symbol the ax and the heart has a special meaning to all of them. I asked Nasrene what did it really mean and she stated "The ax is the symbol of death, because we slay our enemies with unmatched brutality, and we never leave an enemy to rise up against us, and the heart is the symbol of the passion we have for our own and not the others. Welcome to the Dawn as she pointed to a depiction of The Great Eagle and the Lion, the Symbology of when two great civilization collide."
I expect their tornadic whirlwind will move forward with a precision, a total annihilation of their enemies with extreme brutality which is written in the articles of Rattler Publishing and The Gemini.


No Regrets

 I have no regrets of the experience and for the travelers with me on this journey I hope its been a funky ride.
To the Guardian, in your vast wisdom I was only a garbha selected to experience the Sunyata in you, in which everything came into existence. To love you, is to love you with a passion beyond passions.
To the Star Gazer, the dreamer, the keeper of mysterious so untold; ours is a fragile world trapped between realities and in your beautiful is creation.
And to The Gemini,you cleansed and recreated me with waters of your eternal fountain; you lit the pathway and defeated the monsters of the night.
The journey continues.
Welcome to the Dawn


The End of an Era has come

Tonight in Hartford Connecticut David Rattler of Rattler Publishing ended the autumn tours. The 50yr old controversial community activist, organizer, artist, ends the era at a pack house and to a standing ovation. In what will be considered the most explosive speech of the century, the artist did say he wouldn't retreat completely retreat from public speaking but would only speak at select venues. When asked why he responded by saying "as all things we too must evolve and embrace the next evolution" Tomorrow Rattler Publishing returns to Bangor Maine for a day of rest and then on to New Finland for a corporate retreat with Rattler Publishing and Gemini Management. The owners of the two companies then will retreat to discuss the next evolution of Rattler Publishing, Gemini and Melanated Community Radio.
Since unofficial leaks surfaced early in the tour this may the final autumn tour and the last time Rattler Publishing will tour, more engagements were added, and the major concern quickly became not only keep David safe but healthy as well. Although; he has lost a considerable amount weight he's remained in good health, but is in desperate need of the upcoming retreat.
Setti Ali head of Rattler Publishing Ground Security Said: My biggest worry has always been the death threats, but truth about people of colour has always has a way of pissing whites off any way. But despite the threats and even attempts from known enemies, we pushed back with a veracity, a defying challenge and a brutality not even they expected from us. Over the past years its been a privilege and an honor to guard the man that gave me a second chance."
Ursula Turray President of Rattler Publishing said: "Its always sad but I worry that he feels the tours has little impact on people of colour, but was please he decided not to continue this part of the journey"
Nasrene Muhammad VP & Co-Owner of Rattler Publishing and Gemini said: "Its been a long journey to this point. At first it was only him, then it was us, and it always amazes me the strength, power, and passion he has, but I'm sure the journey will continue."
Stephen Crichton Chief Operations Officer of Rattler Publishing said: "For a man that's put his heart and soul in uplifting people of colour; I'am overwhelmingly honored to have been a part of the journey"
William Malisett Executive Officer of Rattler Publishing said: "Despite all the creditable death threats exposed by Rattler Publishing, physical and cyber security; it's like enormous weight has been lifted from me knowing I didn't capture his assassination on film."
Tonight was the first time Gemini executives attended the speech and there wasn't a dry eyes among them. I must agree with Nasrene about the ending of an era, but I must also agree with David that we must not become stagnated but must evolve into the next evolution of our existence.
I have know David for thirty years, I have watch a 19yr old transform and mature into a inspiration for many people, some he will never know their names or meet personally, but all caught up in his whirlwind in some form or another.
I once asked him what is this magic you possess? and he said. "Welcome to the Beautiful"
Recalling how I met him 30 yrs ago he is a comet leaving a beautiful fiery trail across the night sky, and although we know the comet will be gone in dawn's light, the experience leaves you changed forever.
I love you old friend and welcome to the dawn of the next evolution.
Anujia Hatal


The Saturday Meeting

In Saturday's meeting David joined us by Skype. Nasrene expressed a concern that MCR may becoming stagnated and urged to consider a plan to keep it moving forward. She suggested a concept that would expand the reach of MCR into other melanated communities because it can't be just about dark melanated people, but all melanated people and David agreed.
While the C-Panel is being aligned to accommodate the MCR-Studio, a plan should be devised to make each station somewhat automated with the basic's of receiving and soft editing programs for broadcast. This means a limited access to the MCR-Studio software.     

And we continue this journey together

It's not hard for me to believe the controversial artist whos medians are literary and music turns 50 today, time continues to move and so do we; but what's amazing is the pathway we've traveled together. For a little over thirty years I have watched your music and literary works grow from its infancy through its adolescence and mature with the wisdom of your journey.
Caught up in your whirlwind, I ask how could such beauty exist in such darkness? And you replied it is because of the darkness that such beauty can exist.
Its an amazing journey or as you say a funky ride.
I love you


An Official Notice of the opening of The MCR-Store Front

I received this official memo from Ursula Turray president of Rattler Publishing and Nasrene Muhammad Vice President of Rattler Publishing just moments ago.

From Ureula Turray President of Rattler Publishing & Nasrene Muhammad VP Rattler Publishing
To: Anujia Hatal Music Controller MCR

Coming Soon
The Melanated Community Radio Store Front

In keeping with the philosophies of Rattler Publishing and Gemini in helping build financial empowerment for melanated people and communities; we created the MCR-Store front, the latest evolution in the pantheon of Rattler Publishing's by us for only us concept. This page will contains products and or services created by and or provided by melanated people to melanated people and or communities. The page is not limited to products and or services, but can contain products and or services offered for a specific time frame in order to raise money for community projects organized by individuals, community organizers, activist and or local business with a specific purpose.
To have your products and or services featured in the MCR Store front contact us at with a detail description of the product or service, please indicate if it is a specific time frame, ( length of feature). If your product is a food item you must provide a detail list of the contents. Please note the ingredients of all food products must be organic and healthy for our people. For a limited time the controversial author and program host David Rattler is donating 100% of royalties from the literary works to help jump start the program. To read the description and purchase the works click on the cover. The dead line for submitting your material to be featured during this period is 2017/11/29
Anticipated launch date 2017/12/01


Congratulations Asha Samaroo and MCR-Trinidad

I just saw the pictures David posted about the launch of The Asha Samaroo Foundations. And like David said I hope this too will server as a beacon of hope for many oppressed people not only in Trinidad but all oppressed people who suffer from both physical and mental abuse's.
Denyse and Asha you are an inspiration for us all.

2020 on the Rattler Publishing Floor

This Saturday meeting brought MCR too the next evolutionary phase of it's existence. The command staff is tightening the policy of oper...