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An Official Notice of the opening of The MCR-Store Front

I received this official memo from Ursula Turray president of Rattler Publishing and Nasrene Muhammad Vice President of Rattler Publishing just moments ago.

From Ureula Turray President of Rattler Publishing & Nasrene Muhammad VP Rattler Publishing
To: Anujia Hatal Music Controller MCR

Coming Soon
The Melanated Community Radio Store Front

In keeping with the philosophies of Rattler Publishing and Gemini in helping build financial empowerment for melanated people and communities; we created the MCR-Store front, the latest evolution in the pantheon of Rattler Publishing's by us for only us concept. This page will contains products and or services created by and or provided by melanated people to melanated people and or communities. The page is not limited to products and or services, but can contain products and or services offered for a specific time frame in order to raise money for community projects organized by individuals, community organizers, activist and or local business with a specific purpose.
To have your products and or services featured in the MCR Store front contact us at with a detail description of the product or service, please indicate if it is a specific time frame, ( length of feature). If your product is a food item you must provide a detail list of the contents. Please note the ingredients of all food products must be organic and healthy for our people. For a limited time the controversial author and program host David Rattler is donating 100% of royalties from the literary works to help jump start the program. To read the description and purchase the works click on the cover. The dead line for submitting your material to be featured during this period is 2017/11/29
Anticipated launch date 2017/12/01

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