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In the Saturday Meeting

Via Rattler Publishing Network David and Nasrene join the meting from Canada. They laid out the plan for the request a program feature on the Melanated Community Radio website. Both expressed concerns about copyright infringement and market invasion due to the fact Rattler Publishing, Gemini nor MCR owns the programs. The program are designed to give each host and or station manager the opportunity to build there own financial avenue by copyrighting and placing on the market for sale the programs. The concern is if listeners can come to the site and hear the programs, that would greatly reduce possible sales of the programs, and would be a violation of the agreement Rattler Publishing made with the host and or station managers. The decision was made the functionality of the widget is to be suspended until further notice from Rattler Publishing Entertainment Attorney's.
David and Nasrene did unveil the next evolution of Rattler Publishing, Melanated Community Radio, and Gemini. Rattler Publishing and Gemini will finance the start up of two editing studios one in Bangor Maine and another in London UK. The Bangor Studio will be operated by William Malisett and the UK Studio will be operated by Ricky Dobson. The UK studio will handle limited amounts of MCR programs, but will be focal  point for RMG.
Melanated Community Radio is still actively seeking to expand its reach with the cultural music, Our Shattered History and The Story Teller's Lair programs. Both David and Nasrene agree those program and a necessity, not only for the forward motion of MCR, but in fact is the foundation of our culture. Both David and Nasrene will return to the States this Friday and if I dare to guess, David will take his place in the Saturday meeting for what he calls a good nap....LOL
I think he selected me for the official spoken woman for MCR, he just haven't brought it to my attention yet.           

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