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Last nights meeting and a talk with Nasrene

Last night Nasrene Muhammad, David Rattler and Tammi Herichini of Gemini Website Design and Hosting met to discuss the upcoming changes to the C-Panel. It was decided they would close and external panel to realigned both local and global servers with The Gemini Matrix. David also announced a redesigning of their lock step philosophy and reexamination of the Symbology of The Lair.
On Dec 3rd the Rattler Publishing website will be down for maintenance as designers and technicians realign servers protocol and signals. This will cause minor interruptions to The Rattler Publishing emailing system but according to Nasrene the disruption is expected to minimal at best. She advises all email send to Rattler Publishing should be forward to until the realignment is complete; which is expected to take no more than a few days.
For the remainder of the week executives of both companies will meet is secrecy and discuss the upcoming plans.
It has been rumored of the concerns of the hierarchy of the foundation of Rattler Publishing. In it's creation it is written the co-owners shall be one melanated male and one melanated female and that both masculine and feminine energies must flow from the top down. And I suspect they will consider rewriting one of more of the articles and by-laws of the corporation to accommodate their constitution of forward motion.
To be honest I didn't know the complexities of Rattler Publishing and Gemini. One has to stand in awe of the existence of such an entity. The Symbology of The Lair, the Lock Step Philosophy, all indicates a passion to exceed and redesign the concepts of excellence itself.
Even the Rattler Publishing symbol the ax and the heart has a special meaning to all of them. I asked Nasrene what did it really mean and she stated "The ax is the symbol of death, because we slay our enemies with unmatched brutality, and we never leave an enemy to rise up against us, and the heart is the symbol of the passion we have for our own and not the others. Welcome to the Dawn as she pointed to a depiction of The Great Eagle and the Lion, the Symbology of when two great civilization collide."
I expect their tornadic whirlwind will move forward with a precision, a total annihilation of their enemies with extreme brutality which is written in the articles of Rattler Publishing and The Gemini.

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