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The End of an Era has come

Tonight in Hartford Connecticut David Rattler of Rattler Publishing ended the autumn tours. The 50yr old controversial community activist, organizer, artist, ends the era at a pack house and to a standing ovation. In what will be considered the most explosive speech of the century, the artist did say he wouldn't retreat completely retreat from public speaking but would only speak at select venues. When asked why he responded by saying "as all things we too must evolve and embrace the next evolution" Tomorrow Rattler Publishing returns to Bangor Maine for a day of rest and then on to New Finland for a corporate retreat with Rattler Publishing and Gemini Management. The owners of the two companies then will retreat to discuss the next evolution of Rattler Publishing, Gemini and Melanated Community Radio.
Since unofficial leaks surfaced early in the tour this may the final autumn tour and the last time Rattler Publishing will tour, more engagements were added, and the major concern quickly became not only keep David safe but healthy as well. Although; he has lost a considerable amount weight he's remained in good health, but is in desperate need of the upcoming retreat.
Setti Ali head of Rattler Publishing Ground Security Said: My biggest worry has always been the death threats, but truth about people of colour has always has a way of pissing whites off any way. But despite the threats and even attempts from known enemies, we pushed back with a veracity, a defying challenge and a brutality not even they expected from us. Over the past years its been a privilege and an honor to guard the man that gave me a second chance."
Ursula Turray President of Rattler Publishing said: "Its always sad but I worry that he feels the tours has little impact on people of colour, but was please he decided not to continue this part of the journey"
Nasrene Muhammad VP & Co-Owner of Rattler Publishing and Gemini said: "Its been a long journey to this point. At first it was only him, then it was us, and it always amazes me the strength, power, and passion he has, but I'm sure the journey will continue."
Stephen Crichton Chief Operations Officer of Rattler Publishing said: "For a man that's put his heart and soul in uplifting people of colour; I'am overwhelmingly honored to have been a part of the journey"
William Malisett Executive Officer of Rattler Publishing said: "Despite all the creditable death threats exposed by Rattler Publishing, physical and cyber security; it's like enormous weight has been lifted from me knowing I didn't capture his assassination on film."
Tonight was the first time Gemini executives attended the speech and there wasn't a dry eyes among them. I must agree with Nasrene about the ending of an era, but I must also agree with David that we must not become stagnated but must evolve into the next evolution of our existence.
I have know David for thirty years, I have watch a 19yr old transform and mature into a inspiration for many people, some he will never know their names or meet personally, but all caught up in his whirlwind in some form or another.
I once asked him what is this magic you possess? and he said. "Welcome to the Beautiful"
Recalling how I met him 30 yrs ago he is a comet leaving a beautiful fiery trail across the night sky, and although we know the comet will be gone in dawn's light, the experience leaves you changed forever.
I love you old friend and welcome to the dawn of the next evolution.
Anujia Hatal

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