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The most exciting time to be a part of Rattler Publishing

Where do I began.
First congratulations to Stefanie Turner for joining the MCR Team as Chairperson of Quality Control, the opening of the MCR studio and the announcement of an upcoming station newsletter and monthly magazine is overwhelming to say the least. But this is Rattler Publishing's Lock Step Philosophy of forward motion. I am excited beyond words, but mostly amazed at the sheer energy in the drive of Rattler Publishing and Gemini to redefine and set a higher standard for excellence. We have a lot of work in front of us. To meet or even exceed the standards already existing within the philosophies of Rattler Publishing and Gemini seems nearly and impossible idea, but remember it a journey and I am pleased to walk along side people who also believes in only bringing out the very best within themselves.
I'm truly overwhelmed and look forward to next year. 

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