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The Saturday Meeting

Today in the Saturday meeting David and Nasrene brought an idea to the for the creation of the Rattler Publishing website. The idea is not to create and entire site, but do an add on to the Melanated Community Radio site and to purchase the dot com's of both sites as an intellectual property  investment; which, means Rattler Publishing will then own both the dot net's and the dot com's and possibly other dot extensions. They also purposed a plan concerning the support system. Both David and Nasrene purposed that the support system be used mainly for now station managers and host during start up. The start up package will be segmented on the system and once cleared they will be gives access to the system to download the package. The portal will also be used for a reference for trouble shooting the software. Stephen and Ursula suggested it also be a place where new software being tested in bata can be implemented, there information could be gathered that would help determine regular use or not.
When asked about the Studio William reported although the studio is now operational he suggest until Station Manager and Host can use the server portal they continue to use the drop box.
Stephen added either way the problem of submitting program in a timely manner will still exist. Which will cause a dead space problem for MCR Admin also wild card programming has to be eliminated. It can't be stressed enough you can not conduct an interview and add it to the active run time without advertising it first in the active que, so how do we solve that?
David replied they can always catch the bumper of a crosstown bus. We can not allow others to dictate policy to us and bend to do their bidding, it's never going to happen. Station Manager that do not have a written policy on my desk by 1/5/18 will find themselves DJ's end of this shit. and Dj's that do not follow the mandatory rules we set forth for operations will get the fuck off my block stating now.
The room was silent for a moment, and although David is brutal in his tactics we all knew he is right if we allow Station Manager's and Program host to not follow the basic requirements of broadcast and protecting of their station then there is no point. Nasrene said then the dead line is 1/5/18.
The meeting ended.           

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  1. With any organization there are rules and if not followed there will be consequences so why should it be any different with MCR so I agree totally, in order for it to succeed we must go according to what is expected of us


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