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Almost one year and what will happen to the accounts and sub-contracted call centers

I recently spoke to Nasrene about the one year anniversary of Melanated Community Radio and Gemini involvement with the project. She informed me that Gemini will continue to support the project, but is unsure if the offer to minority business will continue into the following year. And I asked her what to happen to all the accounts of business if they shut down that part of the project. Nasrene said the accounts will be removed from special accounts and placed in Gemini General accounts. They will still receive to same 24/7 tech support, not the special discounts but the Global discounts Gemini offers will be applied to the accounts.
I can recall the day Gemini representatives went on a massive hunt to fulfill the agreement between the two companies. Technicians and sub-contracted call center's opened around the world for the project, but it is unclear what will happen to those sub-contractors, many I'm sure will have to close their doors without the support of Gemini.
In the Saturday meeting neither would directly address question regarding the fate of those call centers, but assured the Gemini accounts will receive the same support as they had been, and would be offered new an improved technology as the rest of their accounts.
It was a very generous offer in an attempt to jump start minority business on and pathway of entrepreneurship, and for the one that accepted the offers of Gemini, all reports indicate their sales increased at least 15%. I asked would Gemini again reconsider the offer at a later day. Nasrene replied. The door is always open to any idea that would improve the lifestyles and well being of people of color.     


Company to distribute MCR Programs approved

For some time now Rattler Publishing has searched for a distributor for recorded MCR programs. This morning Nasrene and David, of Rattler Publishing Global, and Tammi Herinici of Gemini International group unanimously approved the proposal submitted by a major distribution company that will distribute the material globally. The material in the studio archives will be the first to be formatted and delivered to the distributor. Rattler Publishing in keeping with the original agreement with Gemini will not claim ownership of the intellectually property. The program will remain the intellectual property of the program host. The distributor agrees with Gemini that Rattler Publishing Global; who is financing the project will receive a small percentage of sales from the material, provided the owner goes through the suggested distributor, but there is no contractual agreement that suggest the material is to be exclusively distributed through the agree company, leaving the each individual property owner to decide to use the suggested distributor or find their own.
The product will be place on the Melanated Community Radio website as it becomes available.
This also fulfills the agreement between Rattler Publishing and Gemini at the start up of MCR about building financial empowerment for melanated people.
After the Saturday Meeting I asked Nasrene Muhammad about the agreement and does it have any hidden clauses the host and station manager should be concern about in the future?
Nasrene replied. "There are no hidden clauses that pertains to the material of the host. But please keep in mind Rattler Publishing do not own the material and it is up to the owner to copyright the material for distribution, which was never part of the original agreement between Rattler Publishing and Gemini."


Today at 5pm-6pm EST
David Rattler talks about the Illusion of the 1970's on his journey back to the origin of our people. The series if dated from 2017-1917 and airs twice monthly only on Melanated Community Radio.


MCR Support Ticket System

All MCR Executive Directors, Station Managers, and Program Host are encourage to consult the support ticket system before contacting MCR Admin. Just go to the site and there on the front page is the link to MCR Support 


Rattler Publishing: New Developments at Gemini

Rattler Publishing: New Developments at Gemini: This morning Gemini Investment Managements announced that in April they will no longer offer specials to minority business' but will co...

In the Saturday Meeting

This morning in the Saturday meeting David announced that MCR-Malawi was leaving us and to delete the feed to MCR. He also said we will continue to run the programs and package them in CD form for sale, and the royalties from those sales are to be sent to Agnes Mizere, if she provided an address, if not they are to be held in an escrow account until such time as required by Rattler Publishing agreement and then absorbed and disbursed into various MCR accounts.   
Nasrene expressed it's time to expand the infrastructure of MCR with more programs and a more aggressive marketing campaign and to launch a marketing probe to find a replacement. She did express an idea of putting Africa at the back of the list as a fall back until a suitable replacement can be obtained. The crew agreed unanimously.
In other business they discussed ideas of the GCP and how to increase the volume of participants in the Global Community, but because it is a semi private community with minimal security filters on memberships it would be difficult to control and monitor.
They praised Denyse Reyes for all her hard work with MCR Caribbean and is searching for ways to make the executive position more controllable and manageable for Ms. Reyes. David said "I realized she just a little fish swimming with sharks and we have to be the life raft" Stephen asked. Ms. Reyes is the last of the original crew, isn't she?"
Nasrene agreed and added. "I wonder if the entire Caribbean is a bit much and that we should take some of the burden off her shoulders."
Ursula who had remained quit for most of the meeting said. "She'll have to take it slow, and be meticulous about accepting host, remember she, like Africans, lives in a land where mystery and mythology is the norm."
William expressed concern that since MCR-Malawi is gone, all passwords and feeds to the studio must be realigned for security reasons. David and Nasrene agreed.
The rest of the meeting was centered around Rattler Publishing and Gemini's new contracts with major conglomerates.       


One step forward one steps back

Tammi Herichini of the Gemini Corporation has just released the incoming results of the survey conducted by Najia Group. They're coming in slow, Nasrene believed this is from Station Manager not promoting the station, The Global Community and certainly not promoting Gemini. But we are hopeful that since we have changed things, it will improve.
For the ones that didn't know Gemini pays half of MCR's bills. Rattler Publishing pays the other half. David has expressed it will be an uphill climb due to the fact that people of color not connected to the meaning of the melanin in their skin and trying to connect to the pale people concept of humanity. Nasrene has remained silent in the meeting but the expression on her face didn't lend itself to optimism.
Ursula was also quiet with no expression, Stephen and William also silent but I suspect this will set off a political tug or war between Rattler Publishing and Gemini. 
Station Managers and Executives we have to do more with the Global Commuity   

MCR Studio Calendar added to the site

This morning William added the Studio calendar to the MCR site. The calendar isn't for public invitations but a way for Station Managers and Program host to keep track of Studio times. The calendar will also contain signal test between the Studio and Rattler Publishing. Studio closings for specific reasons, studio announcements and any other informational events of The Cultural Music Department. 


Cultural Music

The Cultural Music Department were experiencing some technical problems in the past, if you have submitted the form and we did not receive them please resubmit and you will be provided the link to upload your file to the Melanated Community Radio Studio.
We apologize for the inconvenience. 


Rattler Publishing: My Conversation of the upcoming year

Rattler Publishing: My Conversation of the upcoming year: Every year now for 30yrs I have meet with David privately to discuss his out look of the coming year. This year, although he has an optimis...

The Saturday Meeting

Today in the Saturday meeting David and Nasrene purposed that although Melanated Community Radio started in cyber-space, it must also reach out to communities, not only through The Global Community Portal, but members must engage communities, by getting involved in community projects and communicating with the people of communities, listening to the issues and helping find logical solutions to those issues.
Ursula Turray also believes MCR is a success because of its global reach, but more can be done, to incorporate, not only the Caribbean, but other place where melanated people call home.
Stephen Crichton reported the outlook is promising, but Rattler Publishing and Gemini must take a few more steps to aid in the creation of that success. He purposed if it was possible to use sub-domains to help advertise minority business' which would give greater calculations of sales and marketing tactics.
The proposals will be written up and delivered to David and Nasrene by the end of the month for review.   


Station Change

This morning we decided to expand Melanated Community Radio Trinidad to MCR-Caribbean. This move incorporates the entire Caribbean and the West Indies. Denyse Reyes will remain as Station Manager and will set policies for the expansion of MCR into the region.


New Year New Directions introducing Najai Group Limited

This morning David Rattler gave permission to Najai Group Limited to monitor The Global Community with conditions. Najai is in charge of membership selection with final approval by Rattler Publishing. Najia will be running survey's and collection data of community involvement. Najai will also be advising Rattler Publishing and Gemini of the progress of the community in order to make the appropriate changes and adjustments to the community.
The Global Community is to consist of Community Leaders, activist, organizers and regular people that wishes to preserve the cultural value of melanated people.
Najai is required to report to Rattler Publishing and Gemini on a quarterly bases the  analysis of involved interactions with Station Manager, Program Host, and Board of Advisers of Melanated Community Radio.
In the next few days Najai Group will be taking application from melanated individuals  who wish to join Melanated Community Radio on building an enlightened, empowered, and educated Global Melanated Community.
I look forward to this exciting new year. 


The Outlook of the coming year

 Last night not only marked the end of a year, but also marked the the first five months of Melanated Community Radio. Through our setbacks, technical and otherwise; we have also seen alliances that probably would not have happen had it not been for an idea, and the painstaking work between two corporations to draw the design and lay the framework for the station and the global community. We have seen MCR-Malawi form an alliance with MCR-Trinidad that is now an unbreakable bond moving forward with one voice.
Like the ancient architects that painstakingly laid the blueprints of what would evolve and become civilization itself, we are pleased to join them on that journey to preserve, not only our culture, but the legacy those great men and women left behind.
In the coming months as Melanated Community Radio and the Global Community continues to grow, we expect resistance and obstacles on the pathway, but like those ancient architects, we too must persevere, learning from our mistakes, gaining the courage and the strength to make the next step toward a different reality, an enlightened, melanated people, fully aware of who our enemies are and with that strength and courage we will answer the question we've asked since our removal from paradise. Who are we? The original people; the children of the Sun.

Welcome to the Dawn        

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