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Almost one year and what will happen to the accounts and sub-contracted call centers

I recently spoke to Nasrene about the one year anniversary of Melanated Community Radio and Gemini involvement with the project. She informed me that Gemini will continue to support the project, but is unsure if the offer to minority business will continue into the following year. And I asked her what to happen to all the accounts of business if they shut down that part of the project. Nasrene said the accounts will be removed from special accounts and placed in Gemini General accounts. They will still receive to same 24/7 tech support, not the special discounts but the Global discounts Gemini offers will be applied to the accounts.
I can recall the day Gemini representatives went on a massive hunt to fulfill the agreement between the two companies. Technicians and sub-contracted call center's opened around the world for the project, but it is unclear what will happen to those sub-contractors, many I'm sure will have to close their doors without the support of Gemini.
In the Saturday meeting neither would directly address question regarding the fate of those call centers, but assured the Gemini accounts will receive the same support as they had been, and would be offered new an improved technology as the rest of their accounts.
It was a very generous offer in an attempt to jump start minority business on and pathway of entrepreneurship, and for the one that accepted the offers of Gemini, all reports indicate their sales increased at least 15%. I asked would Gemini again reconsider the offer at a later day. Nasrene replied. The door is always open to any idea that would improve the lifestyles and well being of people of color.     

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