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In the Saturday Meeting

This morning in the Saturday meeting David announced that MCR-Malawi was leaving us and to delete the feed to MCR. He also said we will continue to run the programs and package them in CD form for sale, and the royalties from those sales are to be sent to Agnes Mizere, if she provided an address, if not they are to be held in an escrow account until such time as required by Rattler Publishing agreement and then absorbed and disbursed into various MCR accounts.   
Nasrene expressed it's time to expand the infrastructure of MCR with more programs and a more aggressive marketing campaign and to launch a marketing probe to find a replacement. She did express an idea of putting Africa at the back of the list as a fall back until a suitable replacement can be obtained. The crew agreed unanimously.
In other business they discussed ideas of the GCP and how to increase the volume of participants in the Global Community, but because it is a semi private community with minimal security filters on memberships it would be difficult to control and monitor.
They praised Denyse Reyes for all her hard work with MCR Caribbean and is searching for ways to make the executive position more controllable and manageable for Ms. Reyes. David said "I realized she just a little fish swimming with sharks and we have to be the life raft" Stephen asked. Ms. Reyes is the last of the original crew, isn't she?"
Nasrene agreed and added. "I wonder if the entire Caribbean is a bit much and that we should take some of the burden off her shoulders."
Ursula who had remained quit for most of the meeting said. "She'll have to take it slow, and be meticulous about accepting host, remember she, like Africans, lives in a land where mystery and mythology is the norm."
William expressed concern that since MCR-Malawi is gone, all passwords and feeds to the studio must be realigned for security reasons. David and Nasrene agreed.
The rest of the meeting was centered around Rattler Publishing and Gemini's new contracts with major conglomerates.       


  1. I was taken aback with Agnes's decision to exit as we had become a team but you only lead the horse to the water but you cant make it drink so we move forward; as for MCR-Caribbean I welcome all the help I get from you ALL, I appreciate all the support and I know I MCR-Caribbean will continue to grow from strength to strength, as David says, "its an uphill battle" so we push on to the next evolution and again I say a special THANK YOU ALL


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