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New Year New Directions introducing Najai Group Limited

This morning David Rattler gave permission to Najai Group Limited to monitor The Global Community with conditions. Najai is in charge of membership selection with final approval by Rattler Publishing. Najia will be running survey's and collection data of community involvement. Najai will also be advising Rattler Publishing and Gemini of the progress of the community in order to make the appropriate changes and adjustments to the community.
The Global Community is to consist of Community Leaders, activist, organizers and regular people that wishes to preserve the cultural value of melanated people.
Najai is required to report to Rattler Publishing and Gemini on a quarterly bases the  analysis of involved interactions with Station Manager, Program Host, and Board of Advisers of Melanated Community Radio.
In the next few days Najai Group will be taking application from melanated individuals  who wish to join Melanated Community Radio on building an enlightened, empowered, and educated Global Melanated Community.
I look forward to this exciting new year. 

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  1. I am also excited to be part of this vibrant team Anujia and I look forward to learning from you and the rest of the team


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