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The Outlook of the coming year

 Last night not only marked the end of a year, but also marked the the first five months of Melanated Community Radio. Through our setbacks, technical and otherwise; we have also seen alliances that probably would not have happen had it not been for an idea, and the painstaking work between two corporations to draw the design and lay the framework for the station and the global community. We have seen MCR-Malawi form an alliance with MCR-Trinidad that is now an unbreakable bond moving forward with one voice.
Like the ancient architects that painstakingly laid the blueprints of what would evolve and become civilization itself, we are pleased to join them on that journey to preserve, not only our culture, but the legacy those great men and women left behind.
In the coming months as Melanated Community Radio and the Global Community continues to grow, we expect resistance and obstacles on the pathway, but like those ancient architects, we too must persevere, learning from our mistakes, gaining the courage and the strength to make the next step toward a different reality, an enlightened, melanated people, fully aware of who our enemies are and with that strength and courage we will answer the question we've asked since our removal from paradise. Who are we? The original people; the children of the Sun.

Welcome to the Dawn        

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  1. That idea has blossomed into something phenomenal, something that gave me a sense of belonging and brought out the best in me so thank you very much


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