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The Saturday Meeting

Today in the Saturday meeting David and Nasrene purposed that although Melanated Community Radio started in cyber-space, it must also reach out to communities, not only through The Global Community Portal, but members must engage communities, by getting involved in community projects and communicating with the people of communities, listening to the issues and helping find logical solutions to those issues.
Ursula Turray also believes MCR is a success because of its global reach, but more can be done, to incorporate, not only the Caribbean, but other place where melanated people call home.
Stephen Crichton reported the outlook is promising, but Rattler Publishing and Gemini must take a few more steps to aid in the creation of that success. He purposed if it was possible to use sub-domains to help advertise minority business' which would give greater calculations of sales and marketing tactics.
The proposals will be written up and delivered to David and Nasrene by the end of the month for review.   

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