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The Saturday Meeting

In the Saturday meeting David laid out his plan to move Rattler Publishing and Melanated Community Radio forward and expressed his opinion regarding Gemini's offer to first time subscribers. "Some are not ready for the next evolution of innovation, and it is not up to us to change the dynamic of a mind set" I wasn't precisely sure what he meant, but I believe he realized that Gemini must move on with the new technology emerging platform without the annexation of Melanated Community Radio.
Nasrene agreed but did express a slight concern about the forward motion of MCR. "In the grand scheme of it all MCR is a success despite the loss of two station managers and a program host, but that our short comings, maybe they weren't a good fit for the program. We have to piece the puzzle more carefully in order to have constant forward motion."
Stephan agreed an asked could any of the program be moved to be more aligned with market status?"
And said he would look at the incoming data to determine placement.
William expressed his concerns about the studio and the possibility of hiring a few staff member for the graphics department.
Ursula said submit a proposal to her office and if its feasible she'd help push it through. And then she went on to say, that MCR needs more or a global reach, which she and others agree is an uphill battle when deal with complacency and comfort zones.
Tammi said the numbers coming in for MCR is favorable to continue support of the MCR project, but the data isn't consistent enough for Gemini to continue to offer special discounts and said she will present a proposal of closing recently opened call centers that was geared toward the MCR special. Keeping the call center open would become too costly for Gemini; especially after the cost of the new technology platform.
In other news Nasrene is interested in moving Rattler Publishing forward to the next evolution, but expressed concern about the rewriting of bylaws and how would it affect the original agreement between Rattler Publishing and the global community. Nasrene did say she saw no need for updates in the constitution of Rattler Publishing's Ideology. "It wasn't to be a stand along Ideology with all power concentrated in it's lock step matrix."
I got a feeling there will be major changes to the platform after the corporate year is closed and a new year begins.           


New Idea about The Story Teller's Lair

In the Saturday meeting David proposed to Nasrene a plan about The Story Teller Lair Facebook page. He said he like to move forward with is because it does have followers and has been following it for a while. Nasrene agreed, so now they have to make it a workable plan.
It is still unclear if David will approach Gemini with another proposal for discounted services toward first time subscribers. 

2020 on the Rattler Publishing Floor

This Saturday meeting brought MCR too the next evolutionary phase of it's existence. The command staff is tightening the policy of oper...