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Saturday Meeting and Interrupted Programs

The Saturday meeting mostly focused on the Technical issues concerning MCR. Once the  the technical issues are resolved Rattler Publishing will authorize the rebroadcast of interrupted programs a later date and time and issues an apology for any inconveniences this technical set back may have caused it listeners.
David and Nasrene discussed the forward motion of converting Melanated Community Radio in to MCR-TV with a dedicated channel with the same concept and policies.
Gemini will invest and assist in the structure in the framework of the project. Work on the project is set to begin this autumn and hopefully launch date will be set by next summer.
Rattler Publishing also looks forward to the upcoming year as more author's join the Rattler Publishing platform for publications and distribution services.
Gemini is working on specials for first time minority business owners who desire web-services through Melanated Community Radio. The specials are consistent with the Gemini agreement with Rattler Publishing and Shunya Music Limited and the MCR-Studio. Tammi Herenichi expressed that Gemini will not invest in extra customer service centers but will attempt to expand its global reach through Melanated Community Radio.
William Malisett executive director of MCR-Studio said the studio will continue to edit approved programs but is looking to grant editing licenses to Executive Directors as they as are created and their programs continue to expand globally.
Shunya Music will continue to seek and aid underground artist who desires their music be features in the Cultural Music section of MCR as a source of marketing.
MCR program scheduling will change in an attempt to expand its listening audiences, some changes has already taken effect.         

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