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The Saturday Meeting

This morning in the Saturday meeting at the Rattler Publishing Building several things were discussed. First on the agenda was the closing of the first year of Melanated Community Radio. As we end the first year the overall outlook on the project was positive; however, going into the second year there are to be major changes to the platform.

  1. Gemini will not offer the discount special for first time subscribers: The reason being Station Manager neglected to market the product at the launch of the station as describe in the conditions of the contract, but Gemini did agree to continue to support the MCR project financially.
  2. Gemini has announced the closing of several call centers opened to handle call for first time subscribers.
  3. The idea of division by way of new executives will be announced sometime in the new year as the MCR expands on its global reach.  
  4. The responsibility for selecting new program host and Station Manager is now levied on Directors and Executives. New Host and Station Managers; however, will not be allowed to broadcast on the MCR platform without approval from Rattler Publishing. 
  5. The Cultural Music Department will be upgraded and considered an annexation of the MCR-Studio. Combining the two departments in one way but keeping them separate keeps Rattler Publishing and Gemini in agreement with the Rattler Publishing Constitution of operational matrix. 
  6. Rattler Publishing also agree to the new Technology Emerging Project of Gemini and did agree to fund at least half the project. The new development is intended to aid in the process of applications for design publications from website to graphics. 
  7. Rattler Publishing Cyber Security reported that recently there has been several attempts by known sources to obtain access but all attempts has failed and there has been no breaches to the system.
  8. Rattler Publishing Ground Security reported that security levels were heighten recently though not for actual physical threats but as a precautionary measure due to the inclement weather conditions.
As the meeting ended I did get a chance to speak with David and Nasrene about their personal outlook of the MCR project. Both agreed it'll take time to get the wheels in full motion, but since the spring cleaning happened mid-ways the project they both have a more positive outlook going into this second year.                     

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  1. I am happy MCR has a good trajectory and I am also happy Gemini is continuing to fund it, I will try my best to help its growth along, doing interviews are challenging with the poor reception but I am not giving up; I just want to thank all involved in this venture, your efforts are greatly appreciated


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