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We're all smiles about the new year

Yesterday Tammi Herenichi of Gemini Website Design and Hosting met with David Rattler of Rattler Publishing and presented a proposal for the upcoming year. After the hour long meeting David did disclose some contents of the meeting.
The reason Tammi gave for the possible pullout was due to inadequate advertising and marketing on the part of Station Manager's and Program Host. But reconsidered involvement after Rattler Publishing rearranged the Melanated Community Radio Project and redesigned the MCR platform securing Gemini's interest in the MCR project and the Global Community Portal.
The rearranging of the MCR platform reduces the risk for both Gemini and Rattler Publishing and gives Rattler Publishing greater control over the platform. Policy changes are now more inline with Rattler Publishing's Lock-step Philosophy of forward motion.
In the final meeting held in the conference room at the Rattler Publishing Building Tammi said "The alignment of Gemini and Rattler Publishing brings new and innovative creative design to the MCR platform which will enable both companies to offer more to potential subscribers."
David praised the President of Gemini saying "It's the leadership and outlook of Tammi Herenichi and her staff  that keeps Gemini on the cutting edge of technological advances which will lead the MCR project to the dawn of its greatness."
The agreement between the two company was signed and will go into at effect at 0000hrs EST on 4/3/2018 in order to take effect on 4/4/18. Gemini does plan to release new specials and discounts for first time melanated subscribers who contribute to the MCR program.
Rattler Publishing agreed to share the cost of maintenance, and shoulders responsibilities Station Manager and Program Host violations to the Global Community. Rattler Publishing also agreed to strengthen the community through policies aimed at abuse prevention for lack of participation with in the Community.
Rattler Publishing also agreed to bring Gemini's interest to the center making it official with it's own domain, But Rattler Publishing only agreed to share 30% of the cost of call centers if the project starts to burden the existing call centers.
What this means every sponsors that has a general interest or a financial interest in the project will share in the operations of the project and will have an equal voice in the outcome.
The agreement gives MCR Executives and Directors greater control of the outcome of their station content with the conditions the MCR project must have an uneven number of board of directors as to prevent deadlock votes about future projects matrix and finance.
This agreement also reduces Rattler Publishing's absolute influential power on the board of directors, an influence Tammi still fears will reduce the effectiveness of decisions made by the board of directors and might even place members in a strangle hold that would render them helpless under the enormous weight of Rattler Publishing's Lock-Step Philosophy.
Rattler Publishing agreed to obtain certain right on by half of Gemini which will help expand it's global reach in the technology community.     
 A full disclosure of the agreement will be available for viewing once Rattler Publishing releases it's corporate responsibilities in the upcoming year.                   

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