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A word of thanks to David Rattler CEO of Rattler Publishing Global

This morning Denyse Reyes program went off without a glitch. As we all listened we realized how important a voice MCR and the Global Community is to melanated people and communities. When Rattler Publishing and Gemini was on the fence during the vote for the investment into Melanated Community Radio, for a moment I thought it was never come to fruition, but now I realized it was just a process that everyone wanted to succeed. Rattler Publishing and Gemini put in long countless hours in design, software innovation, mainframe engineering, relays connections, programming, and Global Support.
As I listened to Ms Reyes' program this morning I smiled knowing that I am a part of a global movement advocating self-determination of a people. "By us for only us" the Rattler Publishing Philosophy that has moved, not only the artist forward, but two global corporations as well.
MCR was David Rattler Project and he fought for it on the Rattler Publishing boardroom floor with the vehemence  of a Lion. But it wasn't about a victory for him, it was a victory for us all.
Thank you for allowing us to take this journey with you
Welcome to the Dawn 

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  1. Anujia I myself must thank David Rattler for opening up this forum whereby people like myself have been trodden under foot and can now rise above it to help other women going through the same things in some cases even worse. I can never say thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way...WHAT A WONDERFUL FEELING TO BE HERE FROM THE INCEPTION AND THROUGHOUT IT'S JOURNEY


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