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New Product Lines

In the Saturday meeting David discussed the creation of a new product line to help promote Melanated Community Radio, Rattler Publishing, Gemini, and Shunya Limited. The product will consist of t-shirts and jogging pants for both men and women in various sizes, and coffee mugs. The items will officially logo's of all three companies, departments and various philosophical saying and phrases by him and others connected with the companies. We hope to have the products available for purchase by the end of this month but no later than May 15th.
Nasrene indicated that as Rattler Publishing and MCR expand into other countries there could be some issues with third party suppliers inabilities to deliver. Also in keeping with the Rattler Publishing policy and the bylaws of its constitution of operation, Rattler Publishing will not purchase a resale certificate for sale of any product in any US state that requires a resale certificate and Melanated Customers in those states should purchase the items through friends or relatives who domicile in states that do not require fueling the white agenda and if in the future we entertain the idea of a resale certificate the prices must be tripled producing a no sale on our books.        
David added the products is by us for only us and will reflect our cultural symbols and the hatred and rage we harbor for the others.
Melanated Community Radio is expanding into the Polynesian Triangle with good results, so expect forthcoming commercials, ads and programs that caters to the Polynesian culture and people.
The Global Community is growing despite a slow start due to poor promoting by previous Station Managers and Program Host. Rattler Publishing and Gemini did agree any host that is not apart of the Global Community will not be a host long.
Tammi Herenichi of Gemini also added that Najia Group will continue to heavily monitor the community and guard against security breeches to it policies.
William Malisett will start designing the new labels for the new products of Rayes Winery and Bakery and the company's new website as soon as the material is collected.
Ursula Turray gave a report of the direction of Rattler Publishing and laid out the next step in the process of evolution.
Stephen Crichton advised that Rattler maintain its forward progression at an increase pace and to capture markets with extremely hostile brutalities leaving them totally destroyed.
The motions were presented on the floor and passed unanimously.

Welcome to the Dawn

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