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In an afternoon meeting with both David and Nasrene they did approved the platform that will allow purchases of approved programs via a gateway from the website instead of purchase in CD form. This will enable each station manager and program host to sale their programs through the website and avoid manufacturing and shipping cost of compact disk. THe only draw back is however, they must set up their own personal gateway in order to receive proceeds from sales as Rattler Publishing do not distribute royalties which would be a violation of the agreement between Rattler Publishing and Gemini regarding building economic empowerment for melanated individuals and communities.
T-shirts, and hoodies in both male and female sizes and also coffee mugs  will available and feature the logos of Rattler Publishing, Gemini and MCR, I asked about Thot's and David and Nasrene is divided on the distribution of the items because of subliminal the meaning the word carries. (That. Hoe. Over. There) which is something whites has always said referring to melanated women. David's position is clear, no ofaye ideology is allowed and although Nasrene is in total agreement with the logic, she seeks to find another acronym that would display an equal negativity regarding white women. And I'm sure David will weight in on the through process. If the issue can not be resolved, the product will not be allowed through the Rattler Publishing, Gemini and MCR platforms.
David is expected to announce the details of a new program in the upcoming Saturday meeting. The anticipation is a nerve racking after his post in the Global Community regarding the policy of The Lair.
Settie Ali of Rattler Publishing Ground Security and Ayaino Umbuta of Rattler Publishing Cyber Security raised both the threat-cons to level bravo in anticipation of not only the announcement, but the expected launch date.           

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