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The Results from Najia Group

This morning Tammi Herenichi and Naya Matula of Gemini and Najia Group Limited presented Rattler Publishing with the results regarding The Global Community. Rattler Publishing is publicly releasing the results
From all of us tThank you for your participation in laying the ground works for building a Global Melanated Community that'll benefit all Melanated People.
And thank you in keeping with the Rattler Publishing Philosophies, "by for only us" and by ourselves alone; we will define who we are"
Also this morning in a meeting with David and Nasrene regarding the results David said. "Some have proven they are ready for the next evolution of their liberation from the colourless ones."
Rattler Publishing has authorized the public release of the results which can be found here:
Najia Group Limited

In the Saturday meeting the focus was on the new year of MCR and Gemini participation in the project. The results of everyone's participation in the Global Community also helped secure Gemini's position in the project.
The new MCR website is scheduled to launch this coming Friday but no later than this coming Sunday afternoon. The new site will be reformatted across multiple platforms including tablet and phone devices. The site will take on a new look with bold color schemes and limited effects. Th site is designed to be not only more user friendly but to also be attractive to the eyes. The site will be simultaneously reproduced on loading for newer devices with high retina displays.   
Rattler Publishing and Gemini looks forward to forging ahead with the MCR project. Building MCR-Caribbean and opening other station around the world.

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