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The Saturday Meeting/ 4/14/18

Things were looking us in the discussions of the Saturday meeting. Both William and David are optimistic about the new site, but are divided on the launch date. William says the site is almost ready with only a few minor adjustments, while David on the other hand, is more of a perfectionist and wants ever aspect of the site to be not only user friendly and the visuals has to grab the end users attention and hold them for longer period of time. But both agree the site has to be long term and easily maintained because of constant evolution of adding directors, station manager, host, and an ever changing programming schedule.
Since Rattler Publishing and Gemini reinvested in the Melanated Community Radio Project both sides are looking to expand its reach. Ursula Turray of Rattler Publishing said. "It seems stagnated at the end of the first year and that more work needs to be done to bring it in alignment with expectations of the agreement."
Tammi Herenichi of Gemini stated that Gemini will release the discounts and specials before the end of the month. She also said that promotional ads are to be specifically targeted and more aggressive when place in the 24/hr que.
I reported that the cultural music department is moving along and that more stations featuring jazz are to be relayed for the late night segments. Both sides agreed with the suggestion.
Nasrene Muhammad said the deletion of the calendar was a good move and proposed that directors now must enter on a specific schedule enter information on the MCR blog about the progress of that region, leaving the specific operational plans to be discussed in the Global Community.
Stephen Crichton of Rattler Publishing stated that status of MCR are in from the first year and with minor adjustments the second year look promising. "We must keep evolving by thinking outside the box."
Gemini's Technology Emerging platform is promising to increase the security for the entire platform system. Technicians, engineers, and software developers were given the green light of an upcoming project, but with a stern warning from David about cost and accountability of cost. "If at anytime the cost exceed the expected ROI the program is to be placed in suspension until further information is obtained about problematic issues. The program can not be used as a catalyst for taking scapegoat avenue, we must succeed or we must abandon the project within reason before an intended launch date is finalized."

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