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Impromptu meeting at Rattler Publishing

This afternoon Nesrene Muhammad and David Rattler called an impromptu meeting to discuss fulfillment of the Melanated Community Store. Both Nasrene and David agreed the supply chain fulfillment is in direct violation of the agreement between Rattler Publishing and Gemini and that fulfillment of product should be done on a local level
Stephen Crichton presented both David and Nasrene of the marketing and matrix cost of the project and said it would mean a slower forward motion. But David and Nasrene both held firm to it being top priority. "By us for only us; is a concept and a philosophy; not an option, and we must continue to push for its success no matter what." Nasrene reminded Stephen.
William Malisett, Ursula Turray and Tammi Herenichi all agreed the most important thing is the philosophy of Rattler Publishing an Gemini.
Rattler Publishing will cut ties with the fulfillment company at in two weeks without notice  in order to realign itself with the agreement between the two companies. Rattler Publishing and Gemini will seek only local and regional supplier that meet the requirements to be granted a licence to reprint the MCR, Gemin and Rattler Publishing Logo's. "These suppliers are to be only melanated supplier only; no exceptions;  so don't bring me no shit." David Reminded everyone.
These supplier do not have to be advanced in global fulfillment but must have the ability to serve local community and regional markets.
Rattler Publishing's and Gemini attorney's are already working on contractual agreements for local and small print shops and should have the documents complete and available within a week or two.   

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