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MCR E-Learning Center approved by Rattler Publishing

This morning in the Saturday meeting at Rattler Publishing building 2; David and Nasrene approved the MCR e-learning center. The application when launched will eliminate unnecessary elements that can become confusing to oncoming host. The platform will not only be the initial start for oncoming host, but will contain courses for broadcasting on the MCR platform, It will also be the place to download start-up software, connectivity and troubleshooting software, also the program will contain courses for oncoming station managers selected by MCR admin.
The learning center will be hosted on the Gemini Technology Emerging platform and administrated and  monitored by Rattler Publishing, Gemini, MCR Caribbean, and Najia Group.
Although design to improve the efficiency of oncoming program host, the program is also considered part of the global support system of will not replace the global support system but instead will eliminate 59% of wildcard communications.
Neither David or Nasrene has set a launch date at this time; but both agrees a launch date will soon follow when all the programs are in place and tested.
The policy of Rattler Publishing is when new host complete the necessary forms to become host the next step if to enter the learning center for Host development. The courses is designed to enhance the performance of on air broadcasting, keeping control of the platform while broadcasting, maintaining the perspective of the program, dealing with hagglers during call ins and others that might want to transform the program for other agenda's.
The learning center will also contain courses for initial and refresher courses for Station Managers Training. All Executives Directors when selecting person (s) for position of Station Manager will be required to assigned the person (s) for Station Managers training at the e-learning center. The courses will include dealing with problematic program host, streams crashes, relays configuration, lost connections, advertising on the MCR Platform and more.
The project is to improve MCR and the global community. Policy changes will take effect once the center in completed. The policy of the center will be structured as with the host agreement no person (s) will be allowed to broadcast on the MCR platform unless all the requirements are met especially when it concerns the global community. The courses are expected to be of reasonable length and will require testing out before broadcasting will be allowed on the network
Ursula Turray of Rattler Publishing said work will begin in the following weeks, but I don't expect it'll take long to have the center up and running. We have a workable matrix and information from the previous year of MCR; so it just a matter programming and implementing policy before launching the programs. This platform will not eliminate the need to download Cultural forms from the site but will enhance the productivity of the studio by allowing potentials participants to have yet another  direct link to the forms through the learning center. There won't be a course requirement for cultural only basic guidelines that will keep participants in compliance with Studio and Cultural Music Department policies.       

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