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MCR Host Agreement and Scheduler conflicts

This morning both David and Nasrene expressed concern about the host agreement and scheduler. apparently they have been getting forms dated before the creation of MCR and both came to the conclusion those people should be placed on a watch list. We have enemies and we put nothing pass them according to David.
I have a tendency to agree with David on that if you don't know the current year, how can you keep the broadcast schedule? In conclusion there can only be one solution.
David also expressed his concern regarding people with that incomplete matrix, they may be part of a group that would like to use MCR for other purposes than what we intended for it to be used and they need to be watched carefully; we've experienced a person with nefarious plans be it personal and or criminal.We must always safeguard MCR against people with those intentions, and never volunteer yourself to our people; they'll use you up for their own purposes.
That left me speechless to the fact of this reality that both David and Nasrene are fully aware that you can help one no until they want to help themselves first and this shows they are taking steps to guard against people with other intentions than the purpose of MCR.
Hopefully with the upcoming E-Learning Center this will eliminate a lot of hands on communication with people thinking that because they might know the project manager or the Administration of MCR they gives special privileges into broadcasting on the MCR stream.
We're keeping our fingers crossed on the E-Learning Center

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