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MCR Security updates

I think its important that Gemini and Rattler Publishing tighten security on the MCR platform for various reasons. There has been multiple attempts at infiltration on all levels, but the security as held. But we can't sleep now, our enemies are constantly trying to put us on the defense, a place we refused to be. By tighten security and plugging security gaps or glitches it'll keep us on the counteroffensive playing field. Also in order to improve the process of Program host and Station Managers we are creating a virtual learning center; where, after being accepted to the platform information will be readily available and you can learn at your own pace and not feel rushed. This also will re-enforce the policy of having at least four pre-recorded programs in the MCR library before final approval for broadcasting. This also alleviates the need to contact MCR management for simple issues to could be solved quicker. The T-shirts will be on the site and available for purchase soon. We're working on a working model for economic empowerment that will be the gold standard, so to speak, that will serve as the basic model to build on. Rattler Publishing stands firm with the agreement with Gemini and is committed to Melanated Community Radio.

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