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New information regarding MCR & Shynya Limited

Congratulation to the Shunya Limited legal team for making Shunya Limited a subsidiary of Rattler Publishing Global Communication Platform. Great work!!

Early this evening Nasrene Muhammad brought to David's attention potential ongoing server problems with the third party stream. She suggested an alternative stream that will allow MCR to expand it global reach in other ways. All Executives and Governing Board Member  were notified of this issue.
Tha MCR Store is open for business, I understand from William that a link was placed on the website.
Ground works for the MCR E-Learning Center has been laid out. The platform will enable new host to take a course before allowed to broadcast on the MCR stream. This will eliminate side steps on the process of becoming a host, it also gives Rattler Publishing and Gemini more control during an investigative situations where proof would be needed to make critical decisions.
The E-Learning Center is expected to launch in mid-July.

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