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The New MCR Virtual Studio

This morning David informed me that he and Ms. Reyes did test out the MCR virtual studio last night. The interface works only for live broadcast and eliminates the need for their party plugin like WinAmp, Butt, and Sam Broadcaster.
In the Saturday meeting Ursula Turray of Rattler Publishing purposed that 30 days past intended launch time is long enough and that all application with past due dates have to be resubmitted before a new launch date can be set.
The motion was approved unanimously.
The MCR website may be changing soon. Nasrene Muhammad suggested MCR utilize some of the tools of the streaming package, the site may contain an upcoming DJ, Now playing, and upcoming shows, but Nasrene would not say if she will seeks Rattler Publishing approval or even if it should go into testing phase.
Stephen Crichton of marketing suggested a promotional hold be placed on upcoming programs until all criteria be meet. This means when potential program host submit applications and schedules for approval. Approval are not granted until all criteria's are meet.
The motion was approved.
William Malisett suggested that sound recordings which are billed to Rattler Publishing and Gemini be on 30day revolving status. Which means if you don't submit a sound check and your launch date is 30 or more days pass due that Rattler Publishing and Gemini should not be billed for approved program without an actual working launch date.
The motion was approved.
Construction of the E-Learning Center continues and will probably last throughout the rest of this month and although the anticipated launch date is somewhere around mid-July; Gemini Technicians wouldn't commit to a actual time matrix of a launch date.

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