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The Saturday Meeting

In the Saturday meeting while the MCR schedule and other business of Rattler Publishing and Gemini was discussed David and Nasrene seem to take a different interest in the conversation. Nasrene only ask if the servers were updating and David took even less of an interest in the gridlock that would become the next evolution of either of the companies. It's been a long week meeting deadlines and challenges and it showed on both David and Nesrene. 
During the meeting Ursula with Stephen's laid out the direction of Rattler Publishing in certain markets which will be the focus in the coming week. Tammi expressed concerns of possible security flaws on the AI platform that technicians were also concern with and laid out a plan to secure certain portals on the platform.
William and myself brought to their attention of letting Shunya Limited upcoming musicians use to MCR studio to get a better feel of what its like on the inside. We expect it to be approved since there is no security breeches to Rattler Publishing, MCR or Gemini. David only bowed his head which don't necessarily means he agree. 
I suspect the rest of this weekend the crew will result to resting and relaxing from a grueling week of deadlines and meeting with third party subsidiaries of both corporations. 
William did give a report about the next phase of the website and the incorporation of items of the MCR store being placed on the site. He said it would take a redesign in order to place the items there in plain view, but the cost would be the traditional way which would mean the player would have to reload as the listener surf's the pages, which will cause the player to disconnect from the stream when the page changes. David replied that was the reason we choose the new design, so leave it for now until we can create a new design with an operation that wont disengage the player. But try and place a few items on the site that would lead to the MCR store. 
The meeting ended with more challenges for the upcoming week            

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