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Inside the Saturday Meeting

Nasrene and Ursula brought the new project to the floor of the Rattler Publishing Conference room. The project centers around the E-learning center and boosting ratings for MCR. In the plan Ursula purposed tightening the secure of the center which could call for a reduction of staff at Global Support. She also purposes the host agreement and the schedule forms be rewritten to accommodate this new direction.
Continue to build the learning center with a operations date in mid-August or early September, but no later than first week in October. Transform MCR-Caribbean into a central location for all things Caribbean. If it comes our the Caribbean it must come through MCR-Caribbean before Rattler Publishing will approve the application. Reduce staff at global support. Open only 40hrs per week, closed weekends. This will put MCR in direct alignment and on course with the next evolution of its journey. Secure the upcoming station and expand in the Caribbean. Explore fertile grounds on the African Continent which would secure MCR's quest of global unity.
But Ursula as well as all of us are aware that exploration of Africa can prove to be difficult despite the language barrier we also has to deal with perspectives on how Africans view descendants of Africans still enslaved on the Continent of America.
Rattler Publishing is planning a weekly live show in the virtual studio for later this summer. although it may look like an attempt to boot MCR ratings, this is farther from the truth, MCR ratings did drop because of the stream change, but has sturdy risen since third party plugin like tunin have been updated. MCR continues to break new ground in different markets despite previous loses and set backs and Rattler Publishing predicts it'll continue to rise to it cruising altitude.

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