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Line drawn in the sand

On Saturday David Rattler Chief Executive Officer of Rattler Publishing and Chairman of the Board of The Council of Melanated Nations delivered a speech that clearly states the position of Rattler Publishing and it subsidiaries.

"Now in front of recent events but in lieu of the desired response expected by the perpetrators for such acts we response as follows. Rattler Publishing nor its subsidiaries will not relinquished or turn back from our global quest of building a melanated nation with empowered people of colour only; we will continue our course and never be deterred from our purpose. We do not bow to acts of intimidation conducted by any terrorist regime regardless of the flag they fly or the ideology that gives justification for the terrorist actions laced with the sole intent of the destruction of the original people.
Rattler Publishing stands firm and refuses to change it course. We will continue with unmatched vehemence and determination at building a global melanated community and connecting melanated nations under the by us for only us philosophies. We will use any tactic political or other wise necessary to seek and destroy those who seek to destroy us. We never forgive nor do we forget the act of the past and those that will occur in the future.
Be warned we are not afraid of the shadows that creep the night and any action or aggression toward us and or our intentions, be it political or other wise will be viewed as hostile and will be address as it is written in our constitution and our by laws adopted by the council of Melanated Nations that establishes us as a nation of melanated people, as an act of war."

The speech has been approved and will be broadcast on the MCR network in the coming weeks.

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