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Revisiting The Story Teller's Lair

David and Nasrene recently purposed revisiting The Story Teller's Lair which was a way of promoting melanated underground artist, started by David years ago while living in Memphis TN. After a launch of Melanated Community Radio the idea was advertised, but never to be defeated David and Nasrene is now broadening the scoop and not to one person but in keeping with the agreement between Rattler Publishing and Gemini, The Story Teller's Lair will be open to all melanated people from all cultures. The operations of the Story Teller hasn't been presented at this time but I'm sure will be discussed in the Saturday meeting.
If they keep to the same format as the original layout, the program will be open to melanated people of culture to share stories and fables that relate to specific topics related to their own cultures, but what is not clear is how they are not looking for a specific person to read the the stories, which leads me to believe they will either open it up to ordinary people to read their own stories.   

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