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The Agenda of the Global Community

This morning in the Saturday meeting David expressed his concerns of the global community. He said he didn't believe enough was put into marketing the global community and that most people don't fully understand what the global community actually is and that more should be done to promote the agenda of the community.

  1. The Global Community is a melanated only community that must spill out into actual communities of melanated people globally. 
  2. The community is a place not only where melanated people come together and build bridges across cultural boundaries of other melanated people, by solving problems and issues through logic, but its also a market place. If you have products or provide or an idea of such its a place to discuss ideas about improving economic avenues within melanated communities.
  3. The community is also a safe haven for melanated people. It a place to feel safe about those issues, but cause we monitor who come in the community and no whites or melanated people with the white agenda (oreo's) are not allowed. So its by us for only us.
  4. Its place to plan counter offensive maneuvers against those determine to cause our demise in any why they can think of.
  5. The community is also free of religious ideology and white influential concerns regarding who we are. Its a place when any and everything that divides a great people has been stripped away revealing only the beauty and humanity that only melanated people possess, its changing the perspective we have of each other without consideration of the un-melanated.
After David spoke those words the meeting adjourn and the weekend began       

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