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The MCR Store Realignment

This morning David after a meeting with Tammi and myself expressed it would be better if the MCR store also falls under the building economic empowerment policy of MCR. The announcement was made throughout the global community to close the MCR Store temporarily until regional suppliers cane be found.
MCR_Caribbean will only sale product in the Caribbean which would be considered income for MCR-Caribbean. Rattler Publishing and Gemini both agreed that all monies made from MCR-Caribbean shall remain in the Caribbean.
But this is unclear if this will be the standard or will the two companies (Rattler Publishing and Gemini) impose a percentage of sales from other regions as they come on line. They would be well within policy to impose a percentage for MCR-US, but due to currency exchange rates percentages from other countries could prove to be not worth it.
The MCR-Store is officially closed to the general public at this time    

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