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Now is the Time

For years it seemed our forward motion as a people was stagnated and sometimes even stalled, but is recent times I have seen a resurgence in cultural searches that could only lead to the awakening of the great people, The Children of the Sun" but now is not the time to sign alliances with your natural enemy, but to seek to to to him as they have done to you. Now is not the time to place your fate in the hands of other to determine the our come. If anything, now is the time to realize, the one without eyes haven't a chance to see, nor do they want to see you and the beautiful melanated people that your are. Open your eyes and for the first time see what your ancient ancestors has called the cursed. Isn't it apparent even their God has no love for such a lowly creature, first he placed them in caves, to hide them, he stripped them on melanin separating them forever from his creation. But when they were discovered he gave them only eight generations to exist and for to rest of humanity it was the darkest of the night. 
But now the dawn comes and mark's the end of the plague that has leeched off humanity for centuries. Hold tight to that rising inside you, and watch as he that cursed them destroy them


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