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The Saturday Meeting and The Days of Coming Sorrows

In the Saturday meeting David submitted his proposal to redesign the building economic for melanated business policy. It appears the his taking Rattler Publishing in to uncharted waters with the policy, Ursula and Tammi is expected to challenge the policy on the grounds its has no consideration of the interest of Rattler Publishing and Gemini and I sure the floor will be a battle ground as David will fight to advance the policy. But I can't help but think that this proposal gives David a more tactical advantage to battle Ursula's proposal already on the floor. The proposal to change certain aspects to Rattler Publishing's Constitution which will affect it bylaws and articles of operations. This will be the first time an executive will come before David and Nasrene as co-owners of Rattler Publishing. The proposal to be consider during the week retreat after the annual meeting. I suspect there will be compromises before because Ursula is fully aware that to battle both David and Nasrene together as co-owners will not be a easy victory, because to come before those two regarding the constitution change is to enter the holy temple of The Royal Lion and The Lioness.

Rattler Publishing, Gemini, and Shunya Limited do not celebrate or recognize Christianity as a viable spirituality pathway to follow and dose not see whites or (ofays) as it is written of the constitution of Rattler Publishing as and established human entity, they are only mentioned as a subspecies or byproduct of a great people.
The offices of Rattler Publishing, Gemini and Shunya and subsidiaries are officially closed fom 7/1 through 7/7 in commemoration of the fallen indigenous warriors that battled and lost their lives defending their home lands and their way of life when whites invaded their world with diseases and terroristic religious ideologies. A black wreath hangs on the doors of those facilities with a banner that reads "we never forgive and we never forget."
The article was the first article written in the Rattler Publishing constitution regarding culture of melanated and indigenous people. On the day David and Nasrene signed it into law both agreed in order to forgive the perpetrators of such a egregious crime that the offender must pay in equality of what they have done; but the punishments of such crimes against humanity must not out weight the offenses on the scale of correction, but punishment must be equal even up to the extermination of the entire species from the whole of the human existence. But it was David that put the final seal on the constitution by saying "We must be a beacon on the darkest of the night for the melanated nations, and we must fight our enemies with unmatched brutality of the left hand as long as the cursed walk among the children of the sun" and the ritual of sealing began.   

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