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The Saturday Meeting on the Rattler Publishing floor

If ever a definition of an uphill battle was described the Saturday morning meeting at Rattler Publishing redefined that meaning. As Stephen Crichton argued point on the building economic empowerment program, he realized quickly it was going to be an uphill battle and that David Rattler (CEO) of Rattler Publishing Global and Tammi Herenichi (President of Gemini Corporation) were prepared for battle.
Although Stephen's argument is a valid argument, he failed to sway the two top executives on key points in making the MCR project apart of the economic empowerment program. His idea would split the MCR matrix and also pull Rattler Publishing and Gemini into financing additional parts of the programs. Stephen argued that making the MCR project part of the economic empowerment program would expand the project globally would complete the agreement between Rattler Publishing and Gemini, and it would give both Rattler Publishing and Gemini greater control over the e-learning center when training new host, station managers, producers and staff to come on the network.
Ursula Turray (President of Rattler Publishing) argued in favor of the expansion, but warned it has more risk if not controlled with a firm hand. She sited past MCR problems with Station Managers and Program Host, and potential hosts, but did add that it is possible.
William Malisett (Executive Officer of Rattler Publishing) was concern about security of logos, emblems and trademarks that could become renegade items if not carefully maintained and conterolled.
Tammi Herenichi's concern was about Gemini's interest which included the rising cost to Gemini and would this new program decrease the level of support Gemini receives from the project concerning website design and hosting specials; she also reminded Stephen that Gemini does reserve the right to pull support at anytime without notice, but would continue to honor the agreement to customers gained through the MCR project.
Nasrene Muhammad (Vice President of Rattler Publishing) remained silent for most of the meeting but did state that it going to be an uphill battle if he gets approval. She didn't believe people of colour (Descendants of Africans) here in the US are at the level needed to develop a by us for only us mind set at this time. But did say it has promise as she referred to how Ms. Reyes is leading the way with MCR-Caribbean and test model of economic empowerment projects. 
David Rattler opposed the change until several questions Stephen failed to provide sufficient answers for are answered. How to gauge the forward motion of each individual stations and how to track global supply chains for each station, and the operational matrix of each person and station.
I think this battle will be raging on the Rattler Publishing floor for almost as long as the MCR project was.
If Stephen is approved for the new program the argument then moves to the Gemini floor where Nasrene then will be CEO and David will be Vice President and the argument would take a new twist in the form of demands.
Stephen has his work cut out for him.       

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