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A word of Thanks and finally back on track

From all of us here at Shunya, Gemini and Rattler Publishing; would like to thank everyone for the support during our moment of sorrow.
The last two weeks has been hectic, not only at Rattler Publishing and Gemini, and Shunya  and it feels good to be back to normal. The 10 day absence of both Nasrene and David granted me the pleasure of sitting in for David as CEO of Rattler Publishing and Vice President of Gemini and I've gain a new perspective for the power of his positions and the enormous complexities of Lock Step philosophies, policies, and procedures the driving forces that makes the company move forward. But now that both he and Nasrene is back and brought up to speed things should be back to normal soon. Although; I've enjoyed the experience, to be honest; I could never be as good as they are at making it work. Welcome home.    

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