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The next Evolution of Shunya Limited and Melanated Community Radio has begun

For a while now I've been working with connecting two great companies started by two legendary composers, and finally there is a break through.
Today at 11:00 AM EST both David Rattler Executive Officer of Shunya Limited and Ricky Dobson CEO of Dobson Production UK agreed to form a company that will collaborate and work together with underground Melanated Artist's both here in the States and the UK as part of a joint venture of cultural preservation. Although, operations is yet to be determined, this puts both companies of the cutting edge of underground distributions and expands the cultural music program of both MCR-US and MCR-Caribbean.
William Malisett Senior Executive Officer of MCR Studio will arrive in London UK tomorrow for a tour of Dobson facilities and to finalize the agreement between MCR Studio and Dobson Production.
The underground is a buzz with excitement at this alliance and we expect nothing but miracles from these two great men like it was in the past.
To find out more about the venture and what this means if your a melanated artist in the underground, contact the MCR Cultural Music Department via email at or leave us a message at (207)536-8732      

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