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I can't believe it the time is nearly here

This is a nervous time of Shunya Limited for the simple fact that MCR is up for its two year review in November and Rattler Publishing and Gemini they will decide to fund the project for another two years or not based on pass performances, executive ability to coordinate cultural boundaries and maintain forward motion and community involvement with the program, and is the program content in line with the overall structure of MCR.
The way projects are evaluated in the Rattler Publishing/Gemini policy of operations is brutal and according to the by-laws of both companies the project must be challenged. The challenger of MCR is Ursula Turray (Who is looking out for Rattler Publishing's interest) and Tammi Herenichi (Who is looking out for Gemini interest) these two women will come hard and demand evidence of forward motion to justify the amount of monies paid by both companies.
This bring me to my nervous times. Shunya Limited has made great strides in the cultural music department. Connecting three music recording studios (Studio A Bangor, Studio B LA. and Studio C London) and to think all this work could be simply gone if they don't find forward motion in the project.
Now as a rule of thumb MCR is David's Project as he can't argue for or against the projects continuation. He has to rely on Najia Group which is the watch dog of the project. Their surveys of the website will be collected all emails sent to Rattler Publishing Servers, and conversations from various apps will also be entered this will either aid the project or kill the project.       
Although to you the listener its free, station managers and program host may use the stream to gain personal financial empowerment, and work on issues related to communities and individuals in the global community; there is cost. and that cost is levied on Rattler Publishing and Gemini.
Its not enough to reach out to Najia Group with sad stories if you want this project and want to help this project now is the time to answer the question of and survey and most importantly get involved. This may be the only chance you get to prove you care about your communities and other melanated people. Because based on Rattler Publishing and Gemini Project Policy if it fails they will never come this way again. So let's get involved and show them we want MCR.     

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