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Happy Kwanzaa

It has always been our custom during this season to acknowledge Kwanzaa instead of Christmas, so this morning myself, Ursula, Nasrene, Stephen, William and David at dawn lit the first candle of the Kinara called Umoja, This candle is the symbol of unity and our commitment to each other.
This is a very special ceremony to me even when it was just David and I not because is symbolizes unity between us as member of The Rattler Publishing, Gemini and Shunya organizations, but unity achieved by us as melanated people, not the mention unity between male and females; and in this case males and females, but it also symbolizes unity we have achieved between different cultures, which, in my opinion is also a special moment.
Tomorrow we'll light the second candle Kujichagulia which is symbolic of self-determination.
We're asking each melanated persons of all cultures to join us in the celebration.

So from all of us to all of you
Happy Kwanzaa

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